Pre-Master Quests

Quest Title Level Range Items Required Rewards
Tutorial 1 - 10 None Dirk
Shirt / Blouse
Small Emerald Ring
Small Spinel Ring
1,000 Coins
5,000 Experience
Riona's Greeting 1 - 11 None 500 Experience
Mundane Birth 1+ None "(Town) mundane birth - (Season), Deoch, (#)"
Talk to Mileth Mundanes 1+ None 7,000 Experience
Temple of Choosing 1+ None A Class:
Altar Worship 1+ Any item All Classes:
Red Jade Ring +
50,000 Experience

"Mileth Altar Worshipper (#)" +
Jade Ring / Amethyst Ring
100,000 Experience
Dark Things 1+ One of the following:
Spider's Eye
Spider's Silk
Centipede's Gland
Bat's Wing
Scorpion's Sting
8,000 Experience
A Little Bit of That 1+ One of the following:
Rotten Apple
Mouldy Baguette
Rotten Cherry
Rotten Grapes
Rotten Tomato
2,000 Experience
On Honey 1+ One of the following:
Raw Wax
Raw Honey
Royal Wax
8,000 Experience
Spare a Stick 1 - 11 6x Branch Stick
Wooden Shield
3,500 Experience

And a Chance of:
"Loved by Mileth Mundanes"
+ Oak Stick
Vorlof's Training Quest 1 - 4 Dirk
Wooden Shield

(Costs 1,600 coins)
5,000 Experience
Oren Tower Maze 1+ None One of the following:
Red Pirate Bandana (Male)
Red Pirate Scarf (Female)

50,000 Experience
Harvest Cherries 1+ 1,000 Coins Cherry (Approx 30)
Harvest Grapes 1+ 100 Coins Grapes (Approx 18)
Perfect Hairstyle 1+ (Don't need to be Registered) "Loved by Suomi Mundanes"
Ciad Quest 1 - 25 Varies "Completed Ciad Quest"
Ciad Necklace
Mother's Love 2+ One of the following:
Hydele deum
Personaca deum
Betony deum
One of the following:
Royal Honey (Bottled)
Pure Honey
Bee's Honey

4,000 - 75,000 Experience
Flame Licked 2+ Speckled Wax Pure Honey
20,000 Experience
Terror of the Alley 4 - 9 1 or 2 Additional Players "Slew Terror of the Alley (#)"
25,000 Experience
Terror of the Garden 4 - 9 1 or 2 Additional Players "Slew Terror of the Garden (#)"
25,000 Experience
From the Heart 6+ 1 Additional Player
3x beothaich deum
"Small Heart of (Fire/Moon) with (Name)"
Terror of the Crypt 10 - 49 1 or 2 Additional Players "Slew Terror of the Crypt (#)"
200,000 - 550,000 Experience
Adoration of Danaan 11+   "Adoration of Danaan (#)"
+2 all statistics, +100 Health, +100 Mana
Pravat Quests 11+ One of the following:
Flawed Gems
Finished Gems
God Items
Conix Stone
500 - 10,000 Experience
Porte Forest 11 - 40 2+ Additional Players "Saved daughter of Porte Forest"
"Eased the suffering of Porte Forest"
(Or a Tristar Ring)
1,000,000 Experience
Tagor Citizenship 11+ None Tagor Citizenship
Murdered Tagor Citizens 11+ None "Murdered # Tagor Citizens"
Pet Penguin 11+ None "Master of Pet Penguin"
Pet Penguin
Cured the Sick Child 11+ 5x Sevti Blossom "Cured a sick child in Loures"
750,000 Experience
Aided the Pact of Anaman 11+ 5x Tulsi Blossom "Aided the Pact of Anaman"
50,000 Experience
Fisk's Secret 21+ 32,600 Coins "Kept Fisk's Secret"
750,000 Experience
Religious Geas 11+ None "Completed religious geas for *name*"
100,000 Experience
The Letter 11+ 1 Additional Player
(of opposite gender)
Eternal Love Ring*
Bouquet, Sweethearts, Sonnets?
70,000 Experience

*Small Chance
Blanchfleur 11+ (Male only)
70,000 Experience
Thibault 11+ (Female only)
70,000 Experience
Love Bouquet 21+ 1 Additional Player
(Of the opposite Gender?)
Love Bouquet
100,000 Experience
Emerald Dawn 11+ None "Recovered the Emerald Knight Insignia"

+ One of the Following:
"Aided the Emerald Knights"
"Aided the Necromancer Order"
Throttler's Wife 11 - 69 None 100,000 Experience
Wolf Skins 11 - 69 10x Wolf's Skin 15,000 Experience
Breath Ring 20+ Captured Golden Floppy Breath Ring
100,000 Experience
Node Needed 14+ One of the following:
fior srad
fior sal
fior athar
fior creag
75,000 Experience
Oren Jungle Armory 16+ None Access to the Armory
100,000 Experience
Dragon Scale Sword 20+ Tentacle Dragon Scale Sword
Explore Deadwood Forest 20+ None 100,000 Experience
Poisonous Antidote 20+ 10x Black Scorpion Sting 500,000 Experience
Deadwood Forest Creatures 20+ None 500,000 Experience
Astrid Quests 26+ None
(One quest requires an award winner)
2,000 - 30,000 Experience
Tiota Quest 26 - 50 Varies "Completed Tiota Quest"
Tiota Necklace
Karlopos Octopus 41+ Full:
4x Liver

Coral Pendant
Earth Gem
"Defeated the Octopus of Karlopos"
Sea Coral Necklace
5,000,000 Experience
Oren Sewer Key 41+ Pirate Shirt
Pirate Blouse
Oren Key
Oren Sewer Fountain 41+ Oren Key "Explorer of Oren Sewers"
+850 Health, +850 Mana
Cap of Danaan 50+ Viper's gland
Wolf's Skin
"Worthy of the Cap of Danaan"
Cap of Danaan
1,000,000 Experience
Band of Danaan 50+ Viper's gland
Wolf's Skin
"Worthy of the Band of Danaan"
Band of Danaan
1,000,000 Experience
The Beast of Deadwood 50+ None 1,000,000 Experience
Treas Quest 51 - 75 Varies "Completed Treas Quest"
Treas Necklace
Pentagram 60+ 4 Additional Players
(One of each Class)
Pentagram Armor & Hat
Wolf of West Woodlands 70+ None "Hunted down a wolf of West Woodland"
100,000 Experience
Dust Storm 70+ None 2,000,000 Experience
Pirate Slayer 90+ None "Has Defeated # of Oren's Pirates"
Black Pirate Scarf

Pirate Garb (Male)

Pirate Dress (Female)
Reincarnation of Chadul 90+ Mask
30,000 Coins
"Chadul Reincarnation"
Rest Cloak
Reincarnation of Danaan 90+ Fishing Rod
Fishing Bait
Engagement Ring
110,000 Coins
"Danaan Reincarnation"
Rest Cloak
Aisling of Talgonite 97+ 25x Finished Talos
Respected Citizen*
*Or Tagor Citizenship
"Aisling of Talgonite"
Aisling of Mythril 97+ 5x Mythril Shield (of same god)
Mentored 200 Players
"Aisling of Mythril"
Aisling of Hy-brasyl 97+ 1x Finished Hy-brasyl
Aisling Award Winner
"Aisling of Hy-brasyl"
Peasant Day 99 12x Finished Talos
12x Finished Hy-brasyl
Fire Hy-brasyl Belt
Sea Hy-brasyl Belt
Wind Hy-brasyl Belt
Earth Hy-brasyl Belt
"Aisling of Talgonite"
Hy-brasyl Crios Belt
Muisir Village Entrance 41+ 5x Undine Mushroom "Entered Muisir Village"
4x Shrinking Potion
Muisir Training Grounds 41+ Shrinking Potion "Completed Muisir Training - #"
Defeated Muisir Villain AB1+ "Completed Muisir Training - 1" "Defeated Muisir Villain - #"
Lumen Amulet (20% chance)
Muisir Prize Box
Blackstar Crypt 1+ None "Banished the Imperial Shade of Blackstar - #"
Defiled Ruby Saber
Star Crafted Staff
Dark Star
Blackstar Night Claw
Blackstar Whip

Blackstar Sea Necklace
Blackstar Earth Necklace
Blackstar Wind Necklace
Blackstar Fire Necklace
Blackstar Watchman 1+ "Banished the Imperial Shade of Blackstar - #" *
*Rewards increase based on kills
"Recruit of Blackstar" *
*Rewards increase based on kills

Nightmare Quests (80+)

Class Items Required Rewards
Warrior 2x Hemloch "Dreamed of Carnun's Trial"
Carnun Helm
Carnun Plate
3,000,000 Experience
Wizard / Priest (Male) Sgrios Prayer Necklace "Cthonic Diciple of (Dawn / Death / Decay)"
Cthonic Magus / Disciple Caputium
Cthonic Magus / Disciple Robes
3,000,000 Experience
Wizard / Priest (Female) None "Dreamed of (Ana / Macha / Madb)"
Morrigu Magus / Disciple Pellison
3,000,000 Experience
Monk None "Pattern Walker of (Earth / Sea / Night)"
Aosdic Pattern Walker
3,000,000 Experience
Rogue Finished Hy-brasyl
5,000,000 Coins
"Marauder of Gold"
Marauder Helm
Marauder Hide
3,000,000 Experience

Master Quests

Quest Title Level Range Items Required Rewards
Soldier of the Goblin War 94+ None "Great Soldier of the Goblin War"
Daily Kill Quest
Master None "Completed Daily Quest - #"
Daily Quest Token
Daily Prize Box
Daily Kill Quests
(Hunting Areas)
Master None "Completed (Area) Daily Quest - #"
Daily Prize Box
150,000,000 Experience
Daily Kill Quest Prize
Empower Master Weapon Master Unempowered Master Weapon
Bent Crux
Talos Ore
Empowered Master Weapon
Tauren Master Full:

Tauren Horn
Tauren Nose Ring
"Defeated the Tauren Creant"
Grandmaster Equipment
Lady Phoenix Master Full:
Passion Flower
Lots of Fruit

Lady Phoenix Feather
Lady Phoenix Ring
Lady Phoenix Claw
"Defeated the Lady Phoenix Creant"
Grandmaster Equipment
Medusa Master Full:
Giant Pearl
Half Talisman

Summoning Talisman
"Defeated the Medusa Creant"
Grandmaster Equipment
Shamensyth Master Full:
300,000 Coins

Blazing Wand
"Defeated the Shamensyth Creant"
Grandmaster Equipment
Eingren Manor Master Shovel
Deoch Wooden Shield
Demon Lord's Notes
Warrior Dark Artifact Master
Demon Lord's Notes
100x Finished Talos
30x Trent Root
"Reforged the Eclipse"
Wizard Dark Artifact Master
Demon Lord's Notes
Dark Necklace
Dark Belt
"Discovered the Dark Ring"
Dark Ring
Dark Ring Spell
Priest Dark Artifact Master
Demon Lord's Notes "Discovered the Cluais Jewel"
Cluais Jewel
Monk Dark Artifact Master
Demon Lord's Notes "Recovered the Obsidian"
Rogue Dark Artifact Master
Demon Lord's Notes "Recovered the Arcane Gauntlet"
Arcane Gauntlet
Arsaidh Aon Master 1,100,000 Coins
30x Finished Hy-Brasyl
4 Additional Players
(One of each Class)
"Defeated Arsaidh Aon"
Hy-Brasyl Replicas
Engagement Ring
Archaeologist of Beal na Carriage AB1+ None "Archaeologist of Beal na Carriage"
Jeweled Dark Belt
5,000,000 Experience
2,000 Ability

Medenian Quests

Quest Title Level Range Items Required Rewards
Unknown Depths 41+ Breath Ring Amber Ore
Diamond Ore
Emerald Ore
Ruby Ore
Sapphire Ore
Demon Skulls 41+ 50,000 Coins One of the following:
Sea Cap (Male)
Sea Band (Female)
Mysterious Fruit 41+ 50,000 Coins Harpoon
Helped Mephit 41+ 10x Charred Bones "Helped Mephit"
Kanna Flame Necklace
Helped Morwin 41+ 10x Charred Bones "Helped Morwin"
Kanna Wind Necklace
Arena Circut 41+ None "Arena Circut Champion"
Champion Band
Tortoise Mount
Noes Citizenship 99+ 5,000,000 Coins
5,000,000 Experience
(Must have less than 2B experience boxed)
Noes Citizenship
Work for Tybar AB1+ None 100 - 300 Ability
Lorais AB1+ Empty Bottle "Killed Lorais #"
1,000 Ability
Dioram AB1+ 3x Fox Ribs "Found Dioram #"
1,000 Ability
Frog Meat AB1+ 5x Blue Frog Meat
5x Red Frog Meat
5x Grey Frog Meat
50,000 Ability
Spores AB1+ 10x Red Spore
10x Grey Spore
50,000,000 Experience
100,000 Ability
Andor Trials AB5+ Mantis Mask
Mantis Costume
1,000,000+ Coins
4 Additional Players
"Explorer of Andor Dungeon"
Broken Andor Shield
Desert Dunes AB5+ Full:
Breath Ring
Empty Ice Bottle
Aqua Stone
Wind Stone
Ice Bottle
Molten Stone
Sand Stone
Oasis Crystal
Slab Stone
Aqua Stone
Wind Stone
One of the following:
Earth Pebble Necklace
Wind Sand Necklace
Fire Molten Necklace
Omni Elemental Necklace
Dune Patrol AB5+ None 3,500 Ability
Waste Management AB7+ Waste Coins
Hwarone Entrance AB7+ None Temporary Hwarone Pass
Marble Slabs *AB7+ 25x Slab of Marble 50,000 Ability
Fish Dish AB7+ Lion Fish
Rock Fish
1000 Coins
10 Ability
Bowl of Noodles AB7+ None 100 Ability
Crazy Grandfather AB7+ Black Sun Tea Leaves
5x Golden Mushroom
5x Ginseng
100,000 Coins
61,000 Ability
Trade Merchant AB7+ None 7,000 Ability
Lost Ruins Wolves AB10+ None 5,000,000 Experience
5,000 Ability
Lost Ruins Grimes AB10+ None 50,000,000 Experience
50,000 Ability
Craft: Law's Belt AB20+ 50x Assassin Wolf Locks
30x Jeweled Dark Belt
4x Cursed Belt
50,000,000 Coins
Law's Belt
Empower Molten Ring AB20+ One of the following:
Molten Core Ring
Molten Energy Ring
Molten Harness Ring
Molten Vigor Ring
One of the following:
Empowered Molten Core Ring
Empowered Molten Energy Ring
Empowered Molten Harness Ring
Empowered Molten Vigor Ring
Assassin Dungeon AB20+ None (Ability hunting area)
Cursed Homes AB20+ None 30,000 Ability
Water Dungeon AB30+ None 0-5x Water Dungeon Chest
Lured out Fire Serpent AB40+ 20x Stunned Fire Worm "Lured Fire Serpent Out - #"
Fire Serpent Skin
10,000,000 Experience
10,000 Ability
Craft: Fire Serpent Boots AB40+ Fire Serpent Skin
3x Shinguards
5x Gold Bar
Fire Serpent Boots
Aman Jungle Quests AB20+ 20x Scrap of Clothing
20x Crystal Bar
"Kept Oriana Safe from Dendron Flower"
"Helped Oriana find Elemus"
"Obtained Hostile Disguise from Glenna"
"Befriended the Hostile Chief"
"Reunited Chief Vortigern and the Hostile Chief"
Elemus Mount
110,000 Ability
Yowien Territory Quests AB40+ 20x Dendron Flower
1x Crystal Orb
20x Yowien Fish
25x Yowien Blue Vine
25x Yowien Yellow Vine
20x Yowien Grey Fur
"Mended Jowella and Kharlo's Relationship"
"Allowed to Enter Secured Caves"
"Found Luwella's House Key"
"Protected Luwella from Baby Brutes"
"Learned the Secret Waterfall Entrance"
"Obtained the Yowien Costume"
"Returned Arcella's Stolen Bag"
"Received a Gift from Arcella - #"
85,000,000 Experience
550,000 Ability
Strong Winds AB40+ 10x Yowien Tree Sap
10x Yowien Tree Moss
"Gathered Materials for Jowella's House (#)"*
55,000,000 Experience
250,000 Ability
Defeated Law &
Discovered Lost Ruins

(Law Shortcut)
AB50+ 5x Giant Beetalic Remains
5x Giant Golem Remains
5x Giant Skeleton Remains
"Defeated Law & Discovered Lost Ruins - #"
0-3x Armor Upgrade Plans
0-3x Helmet Upgrade Plans
0-3x Weapon Upgrade Plans
1,500,000 Experience
30,000 Ability
Plamit AB50+ 5x Wind Baem Missives
5x Silver Baem Egg
10x Uncut Hy-brasyl
10x Finished Hy-brasyl
2x Conix Fragment
2x Lily Pads
2x Kobold Tail
2x Dochas Bloom
1x Cactus Flower
1x Rock Fish
"Sinturi of the Ancient Flame"
0-1x Satchel of Goods
Baem Missive Decoding AB50+ 125x Wind Baem Missives
3x Gold Bar
"Helped Gisaem Decipher The Missives"
Plamit Skills & Spells
Danaan Consecration AB95+ 3 Lumen Amulet
1 Gold Bar
1 Conix Fragment
1 Speckled Wax
"Consecrated the Holy Danaan"
Ragged Holy Danaan

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