Eingren Manor

Before starting you will need a Shovel from Nobis Village and a Deoch Wooden Shield.
The only way to obtain a Deoch Wooden Shield is to have a Deoch Priest consecrate a Wooden Shield.
It is likely you will need to buy this item.

Reaching the Farm

Head to Tagor Village and walk to the far East corner.
From the left side of Tagor Tavern walk towards the river at (73,10) to raft upstream.

You can speak to Anwar at (20,27) to learn more about the nearby area.
He says that the soil here is great for farming, but evil lays at the heart of the island.

He mentions his father burried a Diary page nearby after the horrible events.
Walk around the farm with your Shovel equipped until you find Diary Page 1.

Reaching the Manor

(Map of Filth Forest)
Make your way to Filth Forest 4 and enter the Guest House at (64,3).
In the Guest House walk to (10,0) to enter Filth Forest 5.

In Filth Forest 5 walk to (52,0) to enter Filth Forest 6.
In Filth Forest 6 walk to (52,0) to enter Filth Forest 7.
In Filth Forest 7 walk to (10,0) to enter Filth Forest 8.
In Filth Forest 8 walk to (52,42) to enter the Abandoned Church.

Speak to Dreval at (9,2).
He will mention worshipping Deoch but many deochs having passed.
To restore his sanity he would like a Deoch Wooden Shield.

Physically drag and drop a Deoch Wooden Shield onto Dreval and he will give you a Manor Key.

Leave the Abandoned Church (back to Filth Forest 8) and head to (42,0) to reach Eingren Manor Steps.

Hike to the top of the Eingren Manor Steps to enter Eingren Manor Entrance. (0,0)
Enter the Manor Main Hall at (12,12).

Your Manor Key will be consumed so be careful not to walk back out!

Finding the Diary Pages

In the Manor Main Hall there are three hallways. Enter the second hallway (Manor Floor 2-1).

Note: Be super careful not to accidentally step out of a room.
If you think this is likely I recommend hunting a spare of each key.
Note2: Most rooms reset their spawn tiles every 5 minutes.

In Manor Floor 2-1
Enter Manor Room 4 at (13,41). Kill spawns for Room Key 1.
In Manor Floor 2-1 enter 2-2 at (40,3).
Enter Manor Room 10 at (30,41). Kill spawns for Diary Page 2.

In Manor Floor 2-2 enter Manor Floor 2-3 at (26,13).
Enter Manor Room 15 at (3,11). Kill spawns for Room Key 2.
In Manor Floor 2-3 enter Manor Floor 2-4 at (35,24).
Enter Manor Room 24 at (19,13. Kill spawns for Diary Page 3.

In Manor Floor 2-4 enter Manor Floor 2-5 at (26,5).
Enter Manor Room 35 at (44,14). Kill spawns for Room Key 3.
In Manor Floor 2-5 enter Manor Floor 2-6. at (37,22)
In Manor Floor 2-6 enter Manor Floor 2-7 at (3,40).
Enter Manor Room 43 at (17,20). Kill spawns for Diary Page 4.

In Manor Floor 2-7 enter Manor Floor 2-8 at (4,46).
Enter Manor Room 52 at (12,49). Kill spawns for Room Key 4.
In Manor Floor 2-8 enter Manor Floor 2-9 at (23,43).
Enter Manor Room 57 at (47,25). Kill spawns for Diary Page 5.

In Manor Floor 2-9 enter Manor Floor 2-10 at (4,44).
Enter Manor Room 64 at (2,20). Kill spawns for Room Key 5.
In Manor Floor 2-10 enter Manor Floor 2-11 at (3,46).
Enter Manor Room 67 at (32,15). Kill spawns for Diary Page 6.

In Manor Floor 2-11 enter Manor Floor 2-12 at (33,24).
Walk Around. Kill spawns for Room Key 6.
In Manor Floor 2-12 enter Manor Floor 2-13 at (6,3).
Enter Manor Room 71 at (47,38). Kill spawns for Diary Page 7.

In Manor Floor 2-13 enter Manor Floor 2-14 at (47,30).
Enter Manor Room 72 at (9,27). Kill spawns for Room Key 7.
Cross at (25,47).
In Manor Floor 2-14 enter Manor Floor 2-15 at (3,46).
Enter Manor Room 77 at (5,1). Kill spawns for Diary Page 8.

In Manor Floor 2-15 enter Manor Floor 2-16 at (2,40).
Enter Manor Room 84 at (1,42). Walk Around to trade the Diary Pages for Frankford.

In Manor Floor 2-16 enter Manor Floor 2-17 at (2,34).
Enter Manor Room 99 at (4,1). Say "Shila" to Trade Frankford for Headmaster Key.

In Manor Floor 2-17 enter Manor Floor 2-18 at (1,4).

In Manor Floor 2-18 enter Manor Floor 2-19 at (1,35).
Cross at (32,6) and (30,33).

In Manor Floor 2-19 enter Manor Floor 2-20 at (19,22).
The whole group will be summoned in, and your Headmaster Key will be consumed.
Kill Shila for a Headmaster Note.
Step out and re-summon to use each party member's Headmaster Key.

Return to the Manor Main Hall (Walk out or scroll).

Demon Orbs

In the Manor Main Hall there are three hallways. Enter the third hallway (Manor Floor 3-1).

Make your way up the floors until you reach Manor Floor 3-16.
In Manor Floor 3-16 Enter Manor Room 193 at (27,48). Kill spawns for a Crystal Ball.

Note: Each Crystal Ball will eventually become a Demon Lord Note.
You may want to stay here a while. (Drop rate is about 2-4 per hour)

When you are done proceed to Manor Floor 3-20.
Physically drag and drop a Crystal Ball onto the Table. Crystal Ball will be consumed.
Kill both of the spawns and pick up the Demon Orb.
Repeat to use each party member's Crystal Ball.

Return to the Manor Main Hall (Walk out or scroll).

Slaying the Headmaster

In the Manor Main Hall there are three hallways. Enter the first hallway (Manor Floor 1-1).
Make your way up the floors until you reachManor Floor 1-3.

Enter Manor Floor 1-3. The whole group will be summoned in. Demon Orb will be consumed.
Kill the Demon Headmaster for a Demon Lord's Notes.
Repeat to use each party member's Demon Orb.

Make sure to accept the popup when entering Manor Floor 1-3. Closing it still costs a Demon Orb.
The person triggering the popup will spend one Demon Orb to summon the boss.
The group can wait inside as each person takes turns of re-entering to summon their boss.

You will receive a Demon Lord's Notes.
You may now search for your Dark Artifact! (Quests Section)

Flavor Texts

Anwar's Tale
Like most stories, this began many Deochs ago. I was just a wee land. I lived with my family at the town near the center of the island.
The name of the town slips me. I was too young to remember and no one dares speak its name, because of what happened.
The town was like any other, like Piet or Mileth. Near the village there was a peak and at the top was a large mansion called Eingren Manor.
Old Eingren was a very wealthy Mundane. From what I have been told, he kept to himself most of the time and died before I was even born.
His death befuddled the townsfolk. They realized something was awry when he stopped visiting the town. When they went to see what was wrong, all they could find was a pile of fresh skin in a pool of blood.
As if he took it off like a piece of clothing. No bones, no organse, no meat. It was assumed he was eaten by some wretched creature that didn't like skin.
For Eingren's funeral, the mortician just stuffed the skin suit with some grass to give it some volume.
It sounds ridiculous, I know. It was a common ghost story parents would tell their child.
Moving on, so after his death, a lady, blast it I forget her name. Some lady took over the Eingren mansion. Aparrently it was granted to her in Eingren's will.
She turned the mansion into an orphanage and became the Headmaster.
It was very charitable of her, orphaned children from all over Temuair came here.
For many Deochs, everything was just fine. Until the townsfolk started to notice that some of the children were disappearing.
The Headmaster said they ran away, and no one thought anything of it. Until one night, the night of the red moon, a shrieking scream was head through out the island.
It awoken the entire town. A small group was sent to investigate. What they discovered was horrifying.
Within the Headmaster's quaters, they found piles of bones from all the children of the orphanage. The lady Headmaster killed herself in some strange ritual.
Priests from various temples came and sealed off the mansion.
The center of the island became cursed. Everyone eventually left the town leaving it barren. No one really knows what happened there.
That is all to the story, but there is one more thing.
My father was part of the group who went to investigate the mansion that night.
He was already saddened by the loss of the children when he found a diary page in one of the rooms. He read it and it grieved his heart even more.
He took the page and brought it back. He told no one of it. I guess he wanted to always remember this tragic event.
When the priests came to investigate the incident, he burried the diary page somewhere in this field.
For some reason he never dug it back up. What ever he saw in that mansion changed him, he was never the same.
Well, if you want, you can roam the field over there to look for the diary page, you might need it if you plan to go exploring Eingren Manor.
Diary Page 1
Today was my first day at the orphanage. I felt awkward at first, not used to meeting strangers. But the other children here are nice and friendly. For the first time I feel at home, ever since my parents died. The Headmaster seems very nice as well, but I get this strange feeling about her. I'm not sure why. This place is very big, it is very easy to get lost here. The paintings are very scary, I hate looking at them. But with Frankford by my side I have nothing to worry about.
Diary Page 2
I'm really enjoying my time here. I'm making lots of new friends. My best friend will always be Frankford of course. He's always there for me. The headmaster seems to be acting strange as of late. She is very nice to the children, but she treats the staff terribly. I noticed that they are very fearful of her.
Diary Page 3
Today I spent most of the time gossiping with the other children. We were mostly talking about how mean the Headmaster was. There are rumors spreading that the Headmaster was a witch, but that is just silly rumors. Some of the boys were making fun of Frankford today, I of course stood up for him. I don't know why they do that, he does not bother anyone.
Diary Page 4
I was very cold today, I guess winter is almost upon us. I went to look for extra blankets when i stumbled upon a secret closet. It looked like a passage to the cellar. I was about to enter until that Headmaster slammed the door shut. She said it was dangerous for me to go down there and that I should stay away. After a few hours I came back and the secret entrance was gone. Maybe I just entered the wrong hall. Oh well, nothing much else happened today.
Diary Page 5
Victorious! I won my first game of kick the kobold, it was quite exciting. Overwhelmed by my win, I almost didn't notice that Karena had left. The Headmaster said a nice family had taken her in. I'm happy for her.
Diary Page 6
It's been a double moon since I last wrote. Since then I've done quite a bit. We finally got to visit the town at the bottom of the peak. It was a great experience meeting the towns people, they are all very nice. Oh, and a couple more children left the orphanage.
Diary Page 7
Another double moon has past, and more children have left. At this rate it seems there will no longer be a need for an orphanage. I am a bit disappointed though, it seems none of the parents have taken a liking to me. Althought I have yet to see a single parent. It all seems very strange.
Diary Page 8
Finally! The Headmaster just told me a family from Mileth wishes to care for me. I hope the family is nice. I hope I will have brothers and sisters. I am so excited. And Frankford gets to come with me too!. This reminds me, I have to get Frankford, I left him on the 16th floor.
Finding Frankford
"Frankford! Thank you for bringing him to me I'm so scared being here by myself. That Headmaster witch is looking for me, she has always been looking for me. She is a demon worshipper and she has been sacrificing the children. She almost had me, but I escaped. I'm not sure how but I did. Please, take this and continue to the top floor, that is where she is. Kill her, kill that witch for me."
Headmaster Note
My Shila, you have been a loyal servant thus far. My powers grow strong as I slumber in this glass sphere. During my sleep, I ask that you continue to lure fresh stock for the Demon Lord, just as when you were assisting me lure those orphans. For my powers to fully develop, I must continue to remain here on the 16th floor of the third hall. I will eventually need you to bring me to the top floor of the third Hall.
Warrior Demon Lord's Notes
Item 1 of 5
Eclipse - The powerful sword wielded by Tenes during his battle against Ainmeal. The sword was lost during the battle and has not been found since.
Wizard Demon Lord's Notes
Item 3 of 5
Dark Ring - Created by the dubhaimid during the rise of darkness. Its power was so horrifying that some denied its existence.
Priest Demon Lord's Notes
Item 4 of 5
Cluais Jewel - A gift of protection given by Chadul to his secret mistress during the war with Danaan.
Monk Demon Lord's Notes
Item 5 of 5
Obsidian - Created from the same material as the Eclipse, this weapon was created by Tenes and given to his ally Feasgar.
Rogue Demon Lord's Notes
Item 2 of 5
Arcane Gauntlet - The deadly gauntlet used by the ancient assassin Killagh during the Crusades of the three lasting civilization. It is said that this gauntlet combined with Killagh's skills would kill enemies with one strike.

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