Maps & Monsters

Area Minimum Level Monsters Relevant Drops Maps
Abel Dungeon 46 Beastiary Spore Sac
Polyp Sac
Dwarvish Helmet
Overview Map
Astrid 11 Beastiary Wolf's Fur
Wolf's Skin
Wolf's Lock
Kobold's Skull
Goblin's Skull
Overview Map
Beal na carriage ? Beastiary Myanmar Ring
Sonor Ring
Ialtag's Ring
Hy-Brasyl Belts
Overview Map
Chadul's Realm zAB 1 Beastiary Skulls
Cursed Shield of Chadul
Ring of Chadul
Overview Map
Chaos Level 99 Beastiary Black Stone Ring
Cathonic Shield
Overview Map
Cthonic Remains 1: Level 60
20: Level 80
Beastiary Talos Fragment
Hy-brasyl Fragment
Overview Map
Dark Maze I: Level 6 - ?? Beastiary Talos Fragment
Dark Belt
Overview Map
Dubhaim Castle West: Level 11-40
East: Level 41-70
North: Level 71
Beastiary Ghast's Skull
Gargoyle Skull
Gargoyle Fiend Skull
Overview: Dubhaim Castle East
Overview: Dubhaim Castle North
East Woodlands Wastelands: 1
Enchanted Garden: 1
3-1: 6 - >41 <46
4-1: 9 - >46 <61
5-1: 13 - >61
6-1: 18 - >61
14-1: 26

Viper's Gland
Raw Wax
Royal Wax
Raw Honey
Mantis's Eye
Hobgoblin's Skull
Faerie's Wing

Overview Map
Eingren Manor Master Beastiary Room Key
Diary Page
Spiked Greaves
Crystal Ball
Demon Lord Notes
Overview Map
Grass Fields Level 84 Beastiary Goblin's Skull
Hobgoblin's Skull
Overview Map
House Macabre Studies Level 24 Beastiary Spider's Silk Overview Map
Karlopos Island Level 41 - Beastiary ard ioc deum
Great Emerald Sword
Overview Map
Kasmanium Mine > 52 Beastiary ard ioc deum
Talgonite Shield
Overview Map
Loures Sewer Canal Master Beastiary Canal Treasure Bag
Big Canal Treasure Bag
Heavy Canal Treasure Bag
Overview Map
Lynith Sea Level 1 Beastiary Spiked Nautilus Shell
Blood Dagger
Dark Necklace
Wolf's Claw
Overview Map
Mehadi Swamp Level 11 Beastiary Frog's Leg
Leech's Tail
Gruesomefly's Wing
Gruesomefly's Antenna
Overview Map
Medenia Ferry Level 40 Beastiary Demon Skulls
Mileth Crypt Level 1 Beastiary Spider's Silk
Centipede's Gland
Scorpion's Sting
Succubus's Hair
Mount Giragan Level 1
Mtg 9: Level 99
Beastiary dark gold jade necklace
dark amber necklace
passion flower
Overview Map
Muisir Training Level 1 Beastiary None Overview Map
Muisir Path Ability 1 Beastiary Lumen Amulet Overview Map
Oren Island Level 1 Beastiary None
Oren Jungle Circle 1: Level 1
Circle 2: Level 6
Circle 3: Level 11
Circle 4/5: Level 21
Beastiary Golden Floppy
Large Feather
Overview Map
Oren Ruins Level 99 Beastiary Light Belt
Half Talisman
beothaich deum
Overview Map
Tab: Oren Ruins Floor 1
Tab: Oren Ruins Floor 2
Tab: Oren Ruins Floor 3
Oren Sewers Level 41 Beastiary Holy Staves
Magus Staves
Pirate Shirt
Pirate Blouse
Overview Map
Oren Sewer Maze Level 99 Beastiary Red Shocker Cube
Blue Shocker Cube
Gold Shocker Cube
Overview Map
Piet Dungeon Level 14 Beastiary Gruesomefly's Wing
Gruesomefly's Antenna
Porte Forest Level 11 - 40 Beastiary Treant Root
Giant Ant Wing
Silver Wolf Mane Hair
Overview Map
Pravat Cave Level 11 Beastiary Stone Axe
Fine Light Dagger
Curved Dagger
Draco Eye
Overview Map
Shinewood Forest Level 99 Beastiary Green Grapes
Mantis Mask
Mantis Costume
Overview Map
Tagor Lost Souls Pass 1: >11
5: Level 99
Beastiary mor ioc deum
ard ioc deum
Deadwood Forest Level 1 Black Scorpion's Sting Overview Map
Undine Field North
Beastiary Orc Helm
Hy-brasyl Battle Axe
Overview Map
West Woodlands Level 1 Beastiary Kobold's Skull
Goblin's Skull
Hobgoblin's Skull
Faerie's Wing
Overview Map
Area Level Monsters Relevant Drops Maps
Unknown Depths Level 40 Beastiary Starfish Arm
Green Tentacle
Overview: Unknown Depths
Asilon Praire Level 40 Beastiary Pantica
Red Key
Marble Key
Love Key
Overview: Asilon Praire
Desert of Fire Level 40 Beastiary
Desert Dunes AB 5 Beastiary Ginseng
Empty Ice Bottle
Molten Stone
Oasis Crystal
Slab Stone
Sand Stone
Noam Plains Level 40 Beastiary Pantica
Red Key
Marble Key
Love Key
Leaf Key
Fox Ribs
Andor AB 3 Beastiary Aqua Stone Wind Stone Tonic Hitonic Extonic Andor Salve Earring Andor Enchanted Earring Andor Might Earring Andor Power Earring Reinforced Spiked Greaves Andorian Greaves Jenoir Gauntlet Jenoir Bracer Great 27 Armors
Andor Dungeon AB 5 Beastiary Anklet
Great 20 Armors
Fire Canyon AB 7 Beastiary Waste
Lost Ruins AB 10 Beastiary Grime Skin
Satchel of Hemloch
Assassin Wolf Lock
Assassin's Cross
Archaeologist's Greaves
Assassin's Greaves
Giant Beetalic Remains
Giant Golem Remains
Giant Skeleton Remains
Earth Pendant
Fire Pendant
Water Pendant
Slab of Marble
Stunned Fire Worm
Fire Serpent Skin
Enchanted Spirit Earrings
Stone Earring
Assassin's Ring
Monarch's Gold Ring
Hwarone Armor Upgrade Plan
Hwarone Helmet Upgrade Plan
Hwarone Weapon Upgrade Plan
Overview: Lost Ruins
Cursed Home AB 10 Beastiary
Blossom Forest AB 7 Beastiary Golden Mushroom Overview: Blossom Forest
Veltain Mines AB 7 Beastiary Golden Mushroom
Veltain Treasure Chest
Veltain Ore
Fire Arrow
Heavy Veltain Treasure Chest
Overview: Veltain Mines
Water Dungeon AB 30 Beastiary Water Dungeon Chest Overview: Water Dungeon
Aman Jungle AB 20 Beastiary Blue Frog Meat
Red Frog Meat
Grey Frog Meat
Red Spore
Grey Spore
Map to Elemus
Overview: Aman Jungle
Hostile Grounds AB 20 Beastiary Scrap of Clothing Overview: Hostile Grounds
Crystal Cave AB 40 Beastiary Crystal Bar
Crystal Orb
Overview: Crystal Cave
Yowien Territory AB 40 Beastiary Blue Frog Meat
Red Frog Meat
Grey Frog Meat
Dendron Flower
Yowien Tree Sap
Yowien Tree Moss
Yowien Fish
Yowien Yellow Vine
Yowien Blue Vine
Yowien Grey Fur
Arcella's Stolen Bag
Ancient 75 Armors
Overview: Yowien Territory
Plamit AB 50 Beastiary Wind Baem Missives
Silver Baem Egg
Band of Gales
Band of Storms
Overview: Plamit
Overview: Plamit 1-4
Overview: Plamit 5-8
Overview: Plamit 9-12
Tavaly AB 20 Beastiary None Overview: Sacred Forest
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Other Maps

Tab: Karlopos 4C
Tab: Shinewood Forest 8
Overview: Temple of Choosing
Overview: Loures Castle

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