Boss Tactics

Water Dungeon

Water Dungeon is perhaps the most challenging and longest dungeon in Dark Ages. There are a variety of monsters here and various behaviors that can quickly turn the tide and overwhelm even the most well prepared of groups.


All of the Water Dungeon monsters will ao sith themselves periodically so the more damage you can do before they do this the better. Most groups take multiple cursers and fassers so things are spelled more often and die quicker. Frost Strike and Frost Arrow also help because they slow down the rate that monsters will ao sith.

All the Monsters are Water/Water so use an earth necklace or Groo attacks to kill, and a Dark, Light or Earth belt.

Poison and sleep effects will cause the monsters to heal to full so try to avoid using them unless you are sure it will die. Skills like Cyclone Kick, Raging Attack, Assassin Strike and Rear Strike work great.

You should always kill the monsters in the following order: Fae, Doscidicus, Naupilus, Sea Ram, Jellyfish, Siren.

Advancing Floors

On each floor you must kill 5 of each creature that can spawn on that floor. Creatures are spawned by walking around the map. The monsters CAN spawn in the corridors but you are more likely to spawn them by walking around the platforms that the corridors connect. Each platform can spawn multiple times so check every tile. Some monsters spawn more often than others. Later floors can spawn 3 or more monsters at a time.

To advance to the next floor make sure you are in range of the big fountain and shout "Water Spirit, I have done what you have asked of me". If you wish to leave early you can shout "Water Spirit, I cannot continue, I must rest". If you are on the last floor one person's shout will teleport the whole group inside.

When you first enter a floor casters should stay still until a basher has checked the tile for spawns. This is important because casters won't be able to take damage as well as a basher will. Once you get to the higher floors use one person to spawn creatures and have them move slowly so they don't overwhelm the group.

Your group should stay together at all times to prevent somebody being left alone and spawning a monster.

Floors 7, 10 and 14 have the worst spawns for certain creatures. This could only be problematic on floor 14 because you have a hour deadline before your kills are reset to 0. If you've made it this far I doubt you will have any problems

All kills are map-wide so even if you didn't see the kill it should be okay. However, Sometimes the person who deals the killing blow can get an extra kill credit so make sure somebody with a more defensive role can progress to the next floor before the killers do.

If somebody with low health disconnects clear all of the spawned creatures before having them relog.

Here is a map containing the required kills and the fountain shout distance for each floor.

Pillar Boss

The boss consists of 4 pillars. use curse, fas and a combo or strong mspg to kill them. Each pillar has a chance to give each player a Water Dungeon Chest. Once all 4 are dead you have an additional chance to receive a chest as you are teleported back to the lobby. Make sure to speak to the water spirit for some additional ability!

Required Roles

Role Description
MSPG (200,000 Mana+)
Time your mspg to kill monsters when they are affected by both Curse and fas.
Cursed Tunes
Keep the monsters debuffed with Cursed Tune.
You could also mor dion comlha inbetween refreshing.
1 - 2 mor ioc comlha
Make sure everyone in the group is being healed constantly.
Don't forget to heal yourself too.
Lyliac Plant / Vineyard
Make sure the mor ioc comhla has mana at all times.
1 - 2 Curse
Continuously cast your best curse spell on the boss.
1 - 2 fas
Continuously cast your best fas spell on the boss.
1 - 2 Wake Scroll
Remove sleep effects from your group.

Optional Roles

Role Description
mor dion comlha
Try to keep the whole group dioned to prevent extra damage.
Paralyze Force
Stun monsters to keep them at a distance
Frost Arrow
Keep the monsters slowed with Frost Arrows.
This will slow down health regeneration and reduce ao sith frequency.


Monster Notable AI
No real special abilities. Hits the entire group for a small amount.

Alone they aren't too bad. With other stuff they are annoying.
They hit the entire group with a small % based attack very quickly
Anemone Faerie

They slowly steal mana from the entire group and move around quickly.

They don't do much until you stand close. If you are close they will pramh the entire group.
Save them till last but keep them at a distance.
Sea Ram

They attack quickly and can steal mana

They can steal the entire group's mana. They use intimidate to mess up combos.
Double right click to continuously attack them.

Kill the pillars using curse, fas and a combo or strong mspg.
you could also use Cursed Tunes, mpnd and frost arrow if you don't have a good basher.
They have a chance to award water dungeon chests when killed.

Credit to Viral for his notes on the Water Dungeon!

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