Pet Penguin

Head to Mount Giragan 3 and speak to Raylan at (4,3).
He will tell you about his stolen Ice Crystals and then ask if you can help recover them.
Click "I can find them for you." and then "Do not worry, I do not need anything."

Walk around the following maps until you receive the Ice Crystals in your inventory;

Ice Crystal 1 Ice Cave 12 (Kelberoth)
Ice Crystal 2 Ice Cave 14 (Goblin)
Ice Crystal 3 Mount Giragan 18
Ice Crystal 4 Mount Giragan 16
Ice Crystal 5 Mount Giragan 25

Once you have all 5 Ice Crystals return to Raylan and he will give you a Pet Egg.

Head to Tagor Pet Store at Tagor Village (16,45) and speak to Areini.
Click "Pet Egg" and she will take the Pet Egg.

Return in a week to receive a Pet Penguin and the Legend Mark: "Master to a Pet Penguin".

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