Temple of Choosing

One of the most important choices you will face in the game will be which class you pick at the start.
Your Medenian class will ultimately define your endgame role but your Temuair class also has an impact on gameplay.

Make your way to the Temple of Choosing at (93,12) and speak to Aoife.

Click "Path Reception", "Yes" and then "Yes" one more time to enter the sitting room.

You will be in a series of rooms designed to help you choose your class, if you haven't already decided.
Class Roles
You will be great at dealing damage but you get no defensive abilities aside from your armor.
You will deal most of your damage with assails and only get one damaging skill pre-master.
Since wizard spells are weak you will spend most of your time hunting in groups and casting fas spells on creatures so they take increased damage.
A while after mastering you will eventually deal good damage.
Primarily a support role. You will be healing and blessing your teammates whilst cursing enemies so they take increased damage.
Later on you will also be able to freeze them and put them to sleep.
As a more defensive version of a Warrior you will learn a few cures and invincibility spells early on.
Your assail damage won't be the best but it's made up for with skills.
You will do well as part of a group or alone.
You have access to many crowd control abilities, invisibility and damage traps.

At level 99 You may choose to Master your class pure or change it through Subpathing

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