Adoration is one of the most prestigeous events within Temuair. It will allow you to advance your character's statistics further than your current limit. Whether you are a maxed master or still level 99, everyone looks forward to this time of year. Please note It will take the best part of a year to complete. (Depending when you start)

Before starting the whole process, please take a few moments to decide if you wish to give eulogy to Mehadi, Pravat, or Astrid. This is personal preference, and will appear on two legend marks.

Make sure not to kill any creatures from the area or the mundane will not talk to you.
You can cleanse the blood by killing 10 different types of creatures from other areas.

Part 1: Eulogy

Head to the area of your choice, and speak to the temporary event Mundane. After a brief talk you will receive an upgradable item, a legend mark, and some minor experience. Once finished you must wait for Part 2: Redemption.
Area of Choice Location Item received Mark
Pravat Pravat Prole Ground (35,15) Pravat Cross
"Eulogy to Adranuch at Pravat (#)"
Mehadi Mehadi Heart East (5,15) Mehadi Rose
"Eulogy to Matrika at Mehadi (#)"
Astrid Astrid Center (20,15) Astrid Octogram
"Eulogy to Arpina at Astrid (#)"

Part 2: Redemption

Return during the next part of the event and speak to the same event NPC you spoke to for Part 1. After another short conversation they will upgrade the item you received during the Eulogy, give you another legend mark, and some more minor experience. Now you must wait for Part 3: Adoration.

Area of Choice Un-upgraded Item Upgraded Item Mark
Pravat Pravat Cross
Adranuch Cross
"Adranuch's Redemption at Pravat (#)"
Mehadi Mehadi Rose
Matrika Rose
"Matrika's Redemption at Mehadi (#)"
Astrid Astrid Octogram
Arpina Octogram
"Arpina's Redemption at Astrid (#)"

Part 3: Adoration

The third and final part differs slightly from the first two.

Do you remember which area you chose in Part 1: Eulogy? If not you may check your legend and note the area your legend mark took place at. You will need to form a group with a player from each of the other two areas.

A full group consists of Pravat, Mehadi, and Astrid.
Each player must have their Upgraded Item with them.

Once all ready, the three players should head to Pravat Prole Ground (35,15). One of the players may start the Adoration process by speaking to the event Mundane. At some point they will be required to give the names of the other two players.

After a few words all three players will be rewarded with +2 to all statistics, 100 Health, 100 Mana, and the Legend Mark: "Adoration of Danaan (#)"

Note * If you do the adoration without an upgraded item you will only receive +1 to each statistic.

Note** Part 1: Eulogy is optional. You only need the Redemption Legend mark and the Item to do the +2 Adoration.

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