Marble Slabs

To do this quest you must first be able to enter Hwarone City
You must be AB30+ To enter Preserved Vault.

Head to Hwarone City and enter Sangs Herbal Shop at (59,32).

Speak to Sang and click "Marble Slab". She will ask you to bring her some Slab of Marble so she can have some sculptures for her shop. When she asks for help click "Sure, I'll look around"

Exit Sangs Herbal Shop and head to KimHwa Inn at (23,45).
Say "Marble Slabs" aloud so Cheung can hear you.
She will tell you the location of the Preserved Vault.

Exit Hwarone City and make your way to Lost Ruins.

Walk to (3,35) and you will see the path to Lost Ruins 4.

Before continuing you will need to find a group.
You will need seal, fas, group hide and either a strong Keeter or Hail of Feathers.

Once your group is ready hide (or fight) your way to the eastern corner of Lost Ruins 4.
Descend the stairs and enter the Preserved Vault.

The statues inside drop Slab of Marble.
To kill them use seal, fas and strong wind attacks.
If you stay more than 5 squares away they won't attempt to fight back

Once you have 25 Slab of Marble head back to Sangs Herbal Shop to turn them in.

You will receive 50,000 Ability.

After completing the quest you may still enter the Preserved Vault.
Simply say "Marble slabs" to Cheung as you did earlier.

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