Perfect Hairstyle

Head to Suomi Village and enter Suomi Inn at (32,54).
Speak to Eeva and click "The Perfect Hairstyle" , "It's a bit bland to be honest" , "I'd love to help. what do you need?" and then choose a hairstyle.

She will tell you which items are required for each style;

Hairstyle Materials
Braid Jade Ring
2 fior sal
Teased Finished Coral
Blue Powder
Straight 2 Raw Wax
fior srad
Wavy Wolf Skin
fior srad
fior athar
Ponytail 5 Spider's Silk
Bun Magus or Holy Toque
Loops Leather Belt
Twist Pearl Necklace
Note down the materials required for your selected hairstyle and click "Done".
Now you must go and collect those materials.

When you have them return to Suomi Inn and speak to Eeva again.
Click "The Perfect Hairstyle", the hairstyle you have the materials for, and then "Yes I did"

You will receive one of the following;
An Emerald Ring and 15,000 Experience
An Emerald Ring, A Jade Ring and 25,000 Experience
The Legend Mark: "Loved by Suomi Mundanes" and 50,000 Experience.

You may wish to stockpile materials to make repeating the quest easier.

You may repeat this quest every 7 days.

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