Before starting this quest make sure you have 1 Finished Hy-brasyl and 5,000,000 Coins in your inventory.
You can get Hy-brasyl Fragment by killingUnseelie Satyr on Cthonic Remains 21-30.
They can then be Polished to Finished.

Head to Mehadi Entrance and make your way to Rishi Mukul Gathering (29,20).
(Map of Mehadi Swamp)

Speak to Varuna.
Click "Marauder Legend", "How does it concern you now?", "What kind of dream?", "Why would he dream?", "What does this mean?" He will tell you what he knows about the Marauder and where to go next;

Ah, the wastelands. The old frozen north, before we were forced south. The days when the shores of Sarnath had not yet been ours. In these days we lived close to the frozen north. There, at night, a thief of dreams appeared in the hills and crevices. There is one plant that survives the journey. The Nila. Mukul planted in the soft earth here, before it was swamp. Some of the older Mukul went to the heart of the Mehadi swamp. There, a brave Mukul would eat the freshly picked Nila blossom. He would dream of the old frozen north. A nightmare from our history. He would dream of the Marauder. A furred thief of the frozen north who attacked the Mukul and lived off our crops, magic and more. The wastelander wore the skull of our great work animal. The wastelander gloated. We were helpless. The foolish Mukul wanted the wastelander to infuse power into him. He did not understand what that meant. That the marauder becomes a part of him. Beware. Dreams come true. And nightmares too.

Follow the maze to Mehadi Heart West.
Walk to (13,6) and Click "Eat the Nila Blossom". You will enter a dream.
If you do not have a Nila Blossom, you can pick one nearby at (14,6)

In the dream move to to (4,4) and you will have a vision of the marauder.
You will be given one of three Tasks;

Hy-Brasyl: Return with a Finished Hy-brasyl.
Gold: Gather 5,000,000 Coins.
Lockpicking: Open all the treasure chests in Crypt 11-1.

Lockpicking is likely broken. I recommend waiting 24 hours and trying again if you get this task.

If you get the Hy-brasyl or Gold option click "Offer (a piece of finished Hy-brasyl / 5 Million coins)" , "I revive the ancient Marauder Memory", and "Wake". If you don't have what is required you can leave the dream, complete your task and then return by Eating another Nila Blossom.

You will receive a Marauder Mask, a Marauder Hide, 3,000,000 Experience and the Legend Mark: "Marauder of Hy-brasyl / Marauder of Gold".
Note: These items weight 31. Make sure you have enough weight or you may lose them.

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