Treas Quest

Head to Empty Building at the back end of Tagor Village (37,13) and walk around the back of the room to receive the popup to start the quest.

He will ask you to do three very random tasks.
The tasks will will involve killing various creatures, or fetching various items for him.

Return each time to complete the task and begin the next. Once all three tasks are completed he will ask you to check the nearby chest for your reward.

You will receive the Legend mark: "Completed Treas Quest" and a Treas necklace with random properties.

This quest grants no Experience.

Possible Tasks

Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
Bring 1 Slime
Bring 50,000 Coins
Bring 10 Wolf's Skin
Kill 1 Kraken in Piet Dungeon 9-1
Show him 1 Scythe
Kill 1 Kardi in Mileth Crypt 17 or Crypt 18
Take the Royal Chicken to Lia in Piet Tavern (and drop it on her)*
Show him 1 beag spiorad deum, 1 mor ioc deum, 1 ard ioc deum
* Or just drop the Royal Chicken and speak to him again

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