Emerald Dawn

Head to Suomi Village and enter the Suomi Tavern at (81,15).
Approach Mioas at (3,14) and say "Adventures" aloud.

In a recent travel to Abel Crypt they spoke with Ake about the Aosda.
Long ago a young warrior named Mida defied her father's dying wishes and joined a group named the Emerald Knights. She helped keep peace in a times of madness as many aosdan scholars that raeched out towards Kadath returned mutated or mad.
The Emerald Knights eventually sealed chaos with help from the Druids and the Necromancers, and none of the Knights were seen again. A book was eventually found a thousand years later with full family history, and Mida herself had a child before her death. They are confident the bloodline still exists, but have no further leads.

Head to Suomi Village and enter the Suomi Combat Skill Master at (71,80).
Approach Berg at (5,5) and say "Emerald Knights" aloud.
He will tell you that he has heard of the knights, but you will need to earn his trust first.
He will ask you to find an Emerald Knight Insignia in Shinewood Forest.

Head to Shinewood Forest 2, 3, 4 or 5 and walk around until you find an Emerald Knight Insignia.

Return to Berg and say "Emerald Knights" aloud.
Click "Yes, I found it".

Now that he trusts you he tell you all he knows;
The Emerald Knights, the Necromancers and the Druids entered chaos and fought off the creatures long enough to seal the gate. However, the Necromancers had gathered in secret and proposed to instead leave the gates open to reanimate the corpses of powerful demons. The Emerald Knights and Druids refused to leave chaos open and the Necromancers killed them, but then the reanimated monsters killed them too.
Although the necromancers were not fully wiped out they have not been seen since, and Mida's bloodline has been kept safe from anybody who would seek it out.

You will receive the Legend Mark: "Recovered the Emerald Knight Insignia"
You are now given a choice of who to seek out with the Insignia.

Aided the Emerald Knights:

Head to Road to House Macabre. Approach Dislaidir and say "Hello".
He tells you he is the son of Dalil and you tell him he is the heir of the Knights.
He pledges to reforge the order of the Emerald Knights.
Click "Give him the Insignia"
You will receive the Legend Mark: "Aided the Emerald Knights".

Aided the Necromancer Order:

Head to Kas Mines Entrance. Approach Sennaan and say "Hello".
He tells you the Emerald Knights are evil and would seal you out of Temuair given the chance.
He says the Necromancer Order will reward you.
Click "Give him the Emerald Knight Insignia"
You will receive the Legend Mark: "Aided the Necromancer Order".

Aided the Rogue Order:

Head to Mileth Crypt Entrance. Approach Skan and say "Hello".
He tells you he has heard the tales of the Knights and offers to buy it.
Click "Sure, I'll sell it"
You will receive 1,000,000 Gold.

Druid Order:

Head to Grass Fields Entrance. Approach Gans and say "Hello".
He tells you he has seen this insignia before, and wonders why his father had one.
He will not take the Insignia and gives no rewards.

You will have received the Legend Mark "Found Emerald Knight Insignia", a second legend mark or 1,000,000 gold, and from 300,000 - 5,000,000 Experience, depending on level.

a level 25 received 300k
a level 47-50 received 800k

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