Light Necklaces

Easily the most gamebreaking item to date. These items give immense power to the previously weak classes, enabling them to one hit even the toughest monsters and players. There are various ways to obtain these powerful items;

Light Necklaces
Necklace MethodObtained Through
Light Necklace Trick or Treat Bag (Small %)
Event: Try to scare me (October)
October Item Shop
Light Necklace LN Raffle (Small %)
Event: Insect Tournament
Event: Make a Wish (February)
Lumen Amulet Guaranteed Event: Catch a Leprechaun (March)
Lumen Amulet LA Raffle (Small %)
Event: Capture the Fowl (May)
Lumen Amulet Kill Him Event: Law Fragment

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