Catch a Leprechaun

Before starting you will need to gather a few items; Wolf's Fur, Spider's Silk, Raw Wax and a Stick.

Once you have these head to Soumi Weapon Shop (11,55) and speak to Torbjorn.

Speak to him about "Catch Leprechaun" and he will tell you what is required to make one.
Click "Sure, make me a net" and "Yes, tell me the what I need".

Speak to him again to receive a Magical Net.

Equip the net and search around Soumi, Mileth, Piet, or Rucession until you find a Leprechaun.
They are very fast and run away on first sight so you may need to bring some friends or patiently wait for one to get trapped in a corner. To catch one simply attack him with the Magical Net. PF and beag suain can help keep the leprechauns still.

If successful he will disappear and you will get a notification.

(If you are unlucky he will escape and you will need to find another.)

Click "Tell me about your Pot of Gold". and when he tries to tell you there isn't one click "Are you kidding? Give me the location now!"
He will reveal that he burried it in one of the Villages and that you will need a Dirk to dig it up.

Buy a Dirk and start wandering around the village of your choice until you find the right popup.

You may break your Dirk or find a chunk of useless coal but just keep searching.

When you find the real Pot of Gold you will receive a Pot of Gold, a Lumen Amulet and the Legend Mark: "Event: Got Lumen Amulet from Leprechaun".
Open the Pot to find 1,000,000 Coins, 5,000,000 Experience and a Leprechaun Friend

Old Legend Marks:
"Event: Found Pot of Gold"
"Event: Obtained Lumen Amulet from Leprechaun"

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