Treasure Boxes

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Loures Canal Treasure

Canal Treasure Bag
Mythril Boots
Hy-Brasyl Boots
Dark Hy-Brasyl Belt
Scale Bracer
Black Stone Ring
Green Hitonic
Feathered Amber Earrings
Feathered Sapphire Earrings
Feathered Emerald Earrings
Feathered Pearl Earrings
Feathered Ruby Earrings
1,000,000 - 2,000,000 Coins
Big Canal Treasure Bag
Canal Key 1 / 2
Amorphous Gauntlet
Scurvy Gauntlet
Scurvy Greaves
Green Hitonic
Spiked Bracer
Tilian Claw
Large Emerald Ring
Ring of Flames
Cursed Belt
3,000,000 - 4,000,000 Coins
Heavy Canal Treasure Bag
Staff of Ages
Staff of Brilliance
Desert Skewer
Scurvy Dagger
Gold Kindjal
Green Hitonic
Captain's Shield
Pearl Chain Necklace
Phoenix Necklace
Tilian Claw
5,000,000 - 6,000,000 Coins

Veltain Mines Treasure

Veltain Treasure Chest

(Insert 1 coin for 90% Chance at Ore)
Veltain Mitt
Heavy Veltain Mitt
Veltain Sword
Blazed Sash
Veltain Ore Ring
Veltain Ore
Veltain Earth Necklace
Veltain Flame Necklace
Veltain Sea Necklace
Veltain Wind Necklace
Veltain Metal Necklace
Veltain Nature Necklace
Blazed Sapphire Earrings
Blazed Emerald Earrings
Blazed Heartstone Earrings
Blazed Ruby Earrings
Dual Fire Arrows
1,000,000 - 5,000,000 Coins
Great Arglon
Great Talma
Great Lyrical
Great Sinash
Great Quilas
Great Frayloc
Great Fichu
Great Bell Skirt
Great Casin
Great Jekin
Heavy Veltain Treasure Chest
Veltain Queen Ring
Veltain Smith Hammer
Triple Fire Arrows
  5,000,000 - 10,000,000 Coins
50,000,000 Experience
?? Ability
Veltain Staff Plans
Blazed Veltain Bracer Plans
Blazed Veltain Ring Plans
Tempered Veltain Sword Plans
Tuned Veltain Sword Plans
Blazed Veltain Sword Plans

Andor Royal Treasure

Andor Chest
Minerva Bracer
Andor Bow
Andor Ore
Ant Wings
Ant Trophy
500,000 - 1,000,000 Coins
Andor Tarsil
Andor Aiquil
Andor Yaina
Andor Soron
Andor Kano
20m - 50m Experience
100k - 200k Ability
Andor Queen Chest
Andor Saber
Andor Staff
Andor Whip
Minerva Gauntlet
500,000 - 1,000,000 Coins
Andor Tarsilan
Andor Aiquilon
Andor Yainar
Andor Soroni
Andor Kanon
20m - 50m Experience
200k - 400k Ability

Water Dungeon Treasure

Water Dungeon Chest
Hwarone War Helmet
Hwarone Garland
Hwarone Divine Mitre
Hwarone Dugon
Hwarone Hair Tie
Hwarone War Armor
Hwarone Mystic Cloak
Hwarone Divine Robes
Hwarone Combat Tegi
Hwarone Shadow Mail
Hwarone War Helm
Hwarone Coronet
Hwarone Divine Tiara
Hwarone Dugon Band
Hwarone Hair Ties
Hwarone War Plate
Hwarone Mystic Frock
Hwarone Divine Gown
Hwarone Combat Kogi
Hwarone Shadow Sheath
Hwarone Guandao
Serpant Sphere
Hwarone Lute
Hwarone Bracer
Yumi Bow
1,000,000 - 5,000,000 Coins
150m - 300m Experience
800k - 3m Ability

Yowien Treasure

Arcella's Stolen Bag (no cooldown)
Crystal Blade
Glimmering Wand
Holy Hy-brasyl Baton
Yowien's Claw
Crystal Arrow
Great Yowien Shield
Yowien Hatchet
Yowien Tree Staff
Brute's Quill
Yowien's Fist
Dual Crystal Arrows
Chief's Gauntlet
Blue Vine Sandals
Yellow Vine Sandals
Orb Earring
Crystal Earring
Crystal Orb Earring
Hardened Crystal Orb Ring
Crystal Orb Ring
Brute's Braided Dark Belt
Thief's Braided Dark Belt
Thief's Dark Necklace
Thief's Wind Necklace

Plamit Treasure

Satchel of Goods (1 hour cooldown)
Hellreavers Blade
Dragon Emberwood Staff
Dragon Infused Staff
Eagles Grasp
Inferno Blade
Dragon Encrusted Shield
Skylight Staff
Divinities Staff
Dragons Grip Gauntlet
Royal Baem Bracer
Royal Baem Scale Pendant
Baem Cincture
Monstrous Greaves
Skylight Greaves

Daily Treasure

Daily Prize Box
EXP/AP Bonus Box (can receive one per day)
Experience Prize Box (can receive one per two days)
EXP/AP Bonus Box (1 day cooldown)
15 Percent EXP/AP Bonus
25 Percent EXP/AP Bonus
50 Percent EXP/AP Bonus
Double EXP/AP Bonus

Muisir Treasure

Muisir Prize Box
Muisir EXP/AP Box (can receive one per day)
Muisir Experience Box (can receive one per two days)
Muisir EXP/AP Box (1 day cooldown)
15 Percent EXP/AP Bonus
25 Percent EXP/AP Bonus
50 Percent EXP/AP Bonus
Double EXP/AP Bonus

Chadul Army Invasion Treasure

Chadul Prize Box
Chadul EXP/AP Box (can receive one per day)
Chadul Experience Box (can receive one per two days)
Chadul EXP/AP Box (1 day cooldown)
15 Percent EXP/AP Bonus
25 Percent EXP/AP Bonus
50 Percent EXP/AP Bonus
Double EXP/AP Bonus

Arena Treasure

Arena Host Bag
Ability and Experience Box 1
Ability and Experience Box 2
Ability and Experience Gift 1
Ability and Experience Gift 2
Andor Chest
Andor Queen Chest
Water Dungeon Chest
LA Raffle (x2)
Double EXP/AP Bonus
Satchel of Goods
Arcella's Stolen Bag
Experience Gem (1)
1,000,000 - 3,000,000 Coins

Soumi Treasure

Soumi Troupe Bag
Hy-Brasyl Crios Belt
Sea Coral Necklace
Black Pearl Ring
Golden Starfish
Lucky Clover
Green Hitonic
Polyp Bunch
Andor Salve Earring
Big Soumi Troupe Bag (3 day cooldown)
Water Dungeon Chest
Ability and Experience Box 1
Andor Chest
Mother Erbie Gift
Ability and Experience Box 2
Andor Queen Chest

College Treasure

Mileth College Portmanteau
10x Red Extonic
10x Hwarone Weapon Upgrade Plan
10x Hwarone Helmet Upgrade Plan
10x Hwarone Armor Upgrade Plan
10x Veltain Ore
2x Andor Queen's Chest
2x Satchel of Goods
Experience Gem
2x Water Dungeon Chest
Dragons Grip Gauntlet
Black Pearl Ring
1,000,000 - 5,000,000 Coins

April Treasure

Joker Gift Box (325 Kruna)
Male Jester Crown
Male Jester Outfit
Male Jester Shoes
Female Jester Crown
Female Jester Outfit
Female Jester Shoes
Animated Rainbow Effect
Bunny Fairy
Carnival Wings

Fool's Treasure

Fool's Gift

Please note all items found in the Fool's Gift box will disappear after April.
The versions you can purchase from the Kruna Shop won't disappear.
Blue Ranger Helmet
Green Ranger Helmet
Pink Ranger Helmet
Red Ranger Helmet
Yellow Ranger Helmet
Baseball Cap
Blue Ranger Suit
Green Ranger Suit
Pink Ranger Suit
Red Ranger Suit
Yellow Ranger Suit
Killer Shoe
Army Backpack
Army Cap
Army Combat Uniform
Army Helmet
Army Vest
Machine Gun
Football Helmet
Fan Buddy
Fridge Buddy
Pilot Buddy
Tank Mount

Summer Treasure

Summer Surprise
Beach Snorkel
Blue Tinted Spectacles
Red Tinted Spectacles
Diving Mask
Ducky Floating Polyp
Shark Floating Polyp
Female Floating Polyp
Male Floating Polyp
Grey Floating Polyp
Floral Sarong
Floral Trousers
Golden Flippers
Chocolate Popsicle
Lime Popsicle
Vanilla Popsicle
Watermelon Popsicle
Octopus Headgear
Pet Brown Octopus
Shiny Spectacles
Snorkel Headgear
Sun Shade
Summer Surprise 2
Enchanted Gown
Enchanted Robe
Female Convict Outfit
Male Convict Outfit
Female Desert Garb
Male Desert Garb
Female Grunge Outfit

Male Grunge Outfit
Female Preppy Dress
Male Preppy Suit
Female Slumber Dress
Male Slumber Suit
Female Sweater Outfit

Male Sweater Outfit
Female Training Garb
Male Training Garb

October Treasure

Macabre Box
Macabre Battle Helm
Macabre Hexed Hat
Macabre Holy Hat
Blue Shadow Hair
Virtue Hood
Ability and Experience Box 1
Macabre Battle Armor
Macabre Hexed Robes
Macabre Divine Robe
Macabre Shadow Cloak
Macabre Virtue Coat
Ability and Experience Box 2
Pumpkin Cap
Dubhaim Helmet
Macabre Bewitched Hat
Red Shadow Hair
Virtue Cap
Undead Hand
Pumpkin Costume
Macabre Hexed Dress
Macabre Divine Gown
Macabre Shadow Sheath
Macabre Virtue Blouse
Swamp Witch Pet
Pumpkin Slippers
Macabre Shoes
Spectre Mask
Fiend Mask
Abomination Mask
Trick or Treat Bag (200 Kruna)
20 Rare Costume Raffle, 20 Oak Staff Replica Raffle, and one of the following;
Cat Bow Tail
Chicken Head
Cyclops Eye
Demon Horns
Demon Mask
Demon Tail
Dung Cap
Chicken Suit
Dyeable Cat Ears
Fairy Wings
Female Bunny Outfit
Gargoyle Wings
Gas Mask
Ghost Effect
Ghost Face
Ghoul Effect
Headless Horseman Mount
Lion Buddy
Jester Crown
Jester Suit
Male Clown Outfit
Pet Witch
Reaper Buddy
Skeleton Wings
Warlock's Hat
Witch's Hat
Zombie Buddy
Trick or Treat Bag 2 (250 Kruna)
20 Rare Costume Raffle, 20 Oak Staff Replica Raffle, and one of the following;
Light Necklace
Bunny Bundle

Cat Bundle

Caveman Bundle

Dino Bundle

Dog Bundle

Frog Bundle

Monkey Bundle

Panda Bundle

Sheep Bundle

Shredded Cape Bundle

Yeti Bundle

December Treasure

Stocking Stuffer (350 Kruna)
Angry Snowman
Bug Eyes
Cloud Effect
Coldstream Hat
Coldstream Dress
Coldstream Suit
Happy Snowman
Female Snow Spectacles
Male Snow Spectacles
Festive Head Warmer
Flake Effect
Gallon Hat
Ranch Bow
Ranch Dress
Ranch Hat
Ranch Suit
Red Antlers
Surgeon Mask
Santa Costume
Santa Mask
Sleigh Mount
Sled Outfit
Sled Suit
White Puppy
Stocking Stuffer 2 (300 Kruna)
Rudolf Head
Snowman Head 1
Snowman Head 2
Snowman Head 3
Rudolf Buddy
Music Notes
Rudolf Body
Snowman Body 1
Snowman Body 2
Snowman Body 3
Twinkle Eyes
XMas Bonus Exp-Ap(x3)
Mount Merry Gifts
Gift 2

Antler Hat
Gift 3

Gift 5

Gift 6

Gift 7

Santa Teddy
Gift 8

Red Nose
Gift 9

Snow Hat
Gift 10

Yule Tree
Gift 11

Toy Doll
Gift 12

Snow Jester
Gift 13

White Beard
Gift 14

Snow Boots
Gift 15

Ear Muffs
Gift 16

Sinter Coat
Gift 17

Sinter Skirt
Erbie Gift
Holiday Spectacles
Snow Beast Buddy
Snow Hat
Snow Shoes
Soup Head
Ability and Experience Gift 1
Ability and Experience Gift 2
Face Shape 3
Face Shape 5
Face Shape 6
Face Shape 10
Face Shape 13
Face Shape 14
Pet Holiday Erbie
Yeti's Stocking Stuffer (1 hour cooldown)
Yeti Head
Yeti Body
Useless Coal
Experience Gem
Party Popper(x20)
Double EXP/AP Bonus
Skill/Spell Quadruple Bonus
Christmas Spirit(x5)
Red Nose
Lumen Amulet
Yeti's Stocking Stuffer

Random Mount Treasure

Random Mount (500 Kruna)
Ant Saddle
Black Jackal Saddle
Brown Horse Saddle
Deer Saddle
Dire Wolf Saddle
Gold Horse Saddle
Grey Wolf Saddle
Kelberoth Saddle
Pupa Saddle
Purple Horse Saddle
Red Horse Saddle
Rock Cobbler Saddle
Turtle Saddle
Unicorn Saddle
Wasp Saddle
White Horse Saddle
Dyeable Horse Saddle
(Same as the other horses but any color)
Random Mount 2 (500 Kruna)
Boro Saddle
Fire Drake Saddle
Fomorian Horror Saddle
Lava Golem Saddle
Mantis Queen Saddle
Penguin Saddle
Sewer Slug Saddle
Unseelie Satyr Saddle
Verdant Losgann Saddle
Vulture Saddle
White Baboon Saddle

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