Law's Fragment

Head to Grass Field (Base Camp) from the Temuair world map.

Walk toward (19,5) and enter Grass Battle Field 1.
Make your way to Grass Battle Field 5.
(Map of Grass Field)

Law will spawn with 9 Dark Aislings.
Kill him and the Aislings with curse, fas and light attacks.
Try to surround Law as he can run away and full heal up to 3 times.

Dark Aislings grant 5,000 Ability and 500,000 - 1,500,000 Experience depending on group size.

Law grants 5,000,000 Experience, 100,000 Ability, and one of 7 possible rewards;
Double Exp-Ap Bonus
Greatest Exp Shroom
Greatest Ability Rune
Lumen Amulet
Water Dungeon Chest
Ability and Experience Gift 1
No Reward

He also drops around 60,000 Gold

He will respawn approximately every 15 minutes.

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