Insect Catching Tournament

Entering the Tournament

Protip: Take your necklace off to greatly decrease the rate at which your net will break.

Head over to Piet Weapon Shop (49,28) and speak to Gunnar. Speak to him about "Enter Insect Tournament". He will give you your first Insect Net and allow you entry to the Insect Grounds. If you Speak to him about "Enter Insect Tournament" again he will sell you additional nets.

Catching the Insects

There are four locations which you may catch Insects. Each location contains 5 different types of insect. You must wear your Insect Net to catch them.

They will run away from Aislings and they move quite fast so here are a few tricks to consider:
Use skills. Any non-weapon based skills that deal damage will work.
Don't try to follow them every tile. They may reach a wall or corner and "freak out". Simply stand still and hold spacebar as they pass infront of you. You should eventually catch them.
Bring friends. The Insects can get stuck if you heard them anti-clockwise but having a friend or alternate character stand near a corner will create a box capable of trapping them as you swing away.

Remember to repair the nets regularly as they have low durability.

Here are the locations of the Insect Hunting Grounds and the Insects you may find there.
Ground Location Insects
1 Mileth Armory
((18,62) Mileth Village)
Katydid, Assassin Bug, Fungus Beetle, Mealybug, Weevil
2 Octavio's Armory
((82,77) Oren Island City)
Robberfly, Leafhopper, Grey Millipede, Brown Millipede, Leaf Beetle
3 Hwarone City
Blow Fly, Tiger Mosquito, Carpenter Ant, Weaver Ant, Cicada
4 Asilon Weapon Shop
((12,29) Asilon Town)
Gold Beetle, Lynx Spider, Leaf Bug, Bee Fly, Moss Mantid

Redeeming your Prize

Once you have all 10 of each Insect return to Gunnar in Piet and talk to him about "Redeem Tournament Prize".
He will offer you one of the following Prizes:

Item Usefulness (/5) Purpose
Map of Ant Guardian Tunnels
(5/5) Allows you to teleport to several predefined locations across Temuair.
4 hour cooldown.
Map of Royal Ant Guardian Tunnels
(3/5) Improved Guardian Ant Tunnels. Allows you to also teleport to Chaos 25 & Andor 80.
2 hour cooldown.
Potent Mantid Scent
(2/5) Increases magic resistance by 30% for one hour.
Fungus Beetle Extract
(3/5) Removes Poison effects from you and your group at the cost of 2 mana.
Insect Cloak
(5/5) Transforms you into a random Insect or Creature, some move faster than others.
Leafhopper Chirp
(5/5) Removes Freeze effects on yourself.
Monster Cloak
(3/5) Improved Insect Cloak. Allows you to choose the Insect or Creature you transform into. Getting the upgrade is a lesser priority than getting the basic version.
Beetle Juice
(No Image) *
(2/5) Instantly Increases Health and Mana by 1,000.
2x Double Bonus Exp-Ap(x5) *
(2/5) 10 Hours worth of Double Experience and Ability.
Beetle Aid
(1/5) Ressurects the player infront of you. Can be used in any area.
2 minute Cooldown.
Gender Potion x2
(1/5) Change your gender to the oppisite sex.
4x Light Necklace Raffle(x5)
(1/5) 20 chances at obtaining a Light Necklace.
4x Lumen Amulet Raffle(x5)
(1/5) 20 chances at obtaining a Lumen Amulet.
4x Random Gift Box 1
(4/5) Could contain Gold Bars, Upgrade Plans, Yowien Territory Equipment, Lumen Amulet or Boss Chests.
Random Mount 2
(1/5) A random mount from the second set.
Pet Snek
(1/5) A summonable Blue Dragon pet. Discontinued.
Flame Blade Weapon Skin
(1/5) Makes your weapon look like a fiery sword.
Skins can only be applied to one item at a time.
* Unless you have a ton of Health and Mana (At least 600,000/300,000) I would recommend getting the Double Bonus Exp-Ap and hunting experience instead of the Beetle Juice.

I personally like to get Leafhopper on any character that can't ao suain. Then I get Guardian Ant Tunnels for the free SW21 or "Medenia world map" (Lost Ruins) teleport every 4 hours. After that I just get the Random Gift Box. If the character can't ao poison you should consider Fungus Beetle Extract too.

You will receive the legend Legend Mark:

And some Experience and Ability:
Level 40-59 = 65,000,000 Experience
Level 60-79 = 70,000,000 Experience
Level 80-99 = 80,000,000 Experience, 800,000 Ability

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