Make a Wish

Head to Mileth Church at (40,76). Walk to the back of the building and speak to Naomhan.
Click "Make a Wish" he will tell you about making a wish and using it responsibly.

He will tell you about a sick Faerie and how she could greatly benefit from your wish.
Upon confirming your understanding he will hand you "Naomhan's Coin" .

You now have a few options;
Option You will receive  
I wish to be the strongest Aisling in Temuair! Nothing.
(You will be sent home - pick a different reward)
Wish for a chance to get a Light Necklace Light Necklace Raffle
Wish for everyone to hear my voice! 3 World Shout(x20)
I wish to be the opposite gender 1 Gender Change Potion
Wish for more Exp/Ab while hunting. 1 Exp-Ap Bonus(x5)
I wish to be the LIFE of the party! 5 Party Popper(x20)
Wish for Faerie's good health and a fast recovery 1 Faerie Pet & 1 Love Letter

Wishing for Yourself

Once you have chosen which item you would like head to the fountain at Mileth Village (94,37).
Walk around the fountain until you get a popup.
If the popup does not contain the right text press escape and try another spot.
The popups change locations every reset and you may need to try the Undine or Pravat fountains
Sometimes the popup you are looking for may not exist and you must wait until reset.

Wishing for the Faerie's Health

Head to the Fountain at Mileth Village (94,37).
Walk around the fountain until you get a popup.
If you are wishing for the Faerie's good health click the top option.

Head back to Naomhan at the church and let him know that you are also wishing for the Faerie's health. He will as you to return in 24 hours and he will let you know how the faerie is doing.

Do not click "Make a Wish" again or it will reset your timer!

Return after 24 hours and say "Naomhan, How is Faerie doing?" aloud.

He will give you the recently-recovered Faerie Pet .

He will also tell you that the fairy in Shinewoods 11 (72,37) has been asking about it.
Walk around Shinewood Forest 11 with your Faerie summoned until you receive a Valentine's Note (A piece of paper you can write messages on and trade to another player.)

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