Bonuses of Registering

Allthough you can level to 99 for free, Registering will allow you to:

  • Advance your character after reaching level 99
  • Get into Politics
  • Join a Religion
  • Participate in Darkages Events
  • Fight in the Arena
  • Shout to nearby players
  • Ascend Experience points into health
  • Access to new Hairstyles and colors
  • Use Experience Bonuses to level quicker
  • Send mail to other players
  • Send Private messages before level 11
  • Use World Shouts before level 50
  • Carry items before you can wear them
  • Fragile Chrysalis Legend mark is removed
You will also receive 1000 free Kruna upon registering ($9.99 value) to spend in the Darkages item shop

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