Once you reach level 99 you may think you're finished hunting experience. But whether you plan on subbing or mastering you may need to buy some more health or mana to reach the requirements. And if you are already mastered you may wish to Buy Stats by buying Health.

You will need to have completed the Aisling of Talgonite quest before you can start this procedure.

First you will need to obtain a Succubus's Hair. You may obtain these by killing succubus in the lowest floors of Mileth Crypt or by purchasing them from other players.

Head to Mileth Village (33,50) and throw the Succubus's Hair into the Alter. This will remove King Bruce's protection allowing other players to kill you. For the duration you are forced to wear a death mask so you are clearly visable as a target to other players.

WARNING: Deposit your warranty bag first otherwise it will be consumed.

Once you are killed do not talk to the Death Mundane.

Head West towards the pile of rubble and walk into the marked area. (6,23)

You will be teleported inside the rubble, walk to the next marked area. (4,20) 

You will be teleported to a dream-like area.
The left temple is used to buy Health, and the right temple is used to buy Mana

Once inside speak to the appropriate npc, and select the following options:
"I stand in awe by the power of Deoch"
"I devote my life's experience to Deoch"
"I prostrate again in the power of Deoch"

When you are ready to leave click "I am not sure" and "I descend.
If you are Buying Stats I recommend buying enough to get between 5 and 10 stats. (750-1500 Health, 150 per stat)

Stat buying tip: For two hours after using a Succubus's Hair to ascend you can have a warrior rescue you and drink a hemloch + wine to "die" without having to use additional hairs. This is much faster and cheaper than walking to the altar and dropping a new hair each set of stats.

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