Religions of Temuair

Aislings may choose to worship a god of Temuair and in return the god will bestow upon them power through the various supplications and entreaties. Although the choice is not permanent please consider all the options before choosing a religion. For more information on joining a religion see the Religious ranks page.

Players may also use items enchanted by a god to increase a statistic.

When initiated into a religion you will be given a prayer necklace and a prayer spell. This will allow you to pray in most areas.

To pray simply cast the prayer spell, drop the necklace on the tile prayer was cast and pick it up immediately. From there you will be given a range of options.
Giving thanks will increase your faith, which can be consumed using supplications. you can praise another, which will transfer faith to them.
And you may also pray in a temple with the attendant to increase your own faith.

Entreat costs more faith but is usable at a lower faith than Supplicate.

In addition to worshipping your own god you may pray at the temple of it's allies.
Below is more information on each of the gods.

Gods of Temuair


The god of Nature and Harmony.

AlliesGlioca & Luathas
EnemiesFiosachd & Sgrios
Notable Supplicationsdion, honey, claw fist, mist, ao poison, remove scar.
Temple LocationUndine


The god of War and Conquest.

AlliesFiosachd & Sgrios
EnemiesGlioca & Luathas
Notable Supplicationsbeannaich, creag neart, dragon.
Temple LocationPiet


The god of Inspiration and Creativity.

AlliesGlioca & Sgrios
EnemiesFiosachd & Luathas
Notable Supplicationsheal a scar, ao dall pramh curse, beothaich deum.
Temple LocationSuomi


The god of Fortune and Luck.

AlliesCeannlaidir & Gramail
EnemiesCail & Deoch
Notable Supplicationsgroup hide.
Temple LocationAbel


The god of Compassion and Love.

AlliesCail & Deoch
EnemiesCeannlaidir & Gramail
Notable Supplicationsdion, beothaich deum, heal a scar.
Temple LocationMileth


The god of Law and Justice.

AlliesFiosachd & Luathas
EnemiesGlioca & Sgrios
EnchantmentMagic Resistance
Notable Supplicationsao sith, random songs, group reflect.
Temple LocationLoures


The god of Divine Knowledge.

AlliesCail & Gramail
EnemiesCeannlaidir & Deoch
Notable Supplicationsidentify, fas spiorad, ao pramh.
Temple LocationRucession


The god of Death and Decay.

AlliesCeannlaidir & Deoch
EnemiesCail & Gramail
Notable Supplicationscradh, io chadul's touch, sgrios scar.
Temple LocationDubhaim Castle

Mass Items

By attending the mass of your god (or it's allies) you will receive an appropriate item based on the god;

God Mass Item Effect
Footsteps of Cail
Walking Manaward for 10 minutes
Ceannlaidir's Valor
15% Damage Boost for 1 hour
Deoch's Flame
+10k Health for 1 hour
Fiosachd's Gift
Random Gold
Embrace of Glioca
Removes 1 or all scars (Random)
Gramail's Spirit
+10k Mana for 1 hour
Luathas' Spectacles
+5% Ap/Exp Bonus for 1 hour
Anarchist's Tome
Form Change for 1 hour (Succubus, Gargoyle, Zombies).
Works on self or other players

Chadul & Danaan

In addition to the Eight well-known gods of Temuair there are two additional gods; Chadul is the God of Darkness, and Danaan the God of Light. Although there is no official way to worship either one, everything we do is influenced by these most ancient of gods. We are forever caught in the battle between Light and Dark.

Gods of Medenia

If you have joined your Medenian Class you may also choose one of the three Medenian Spirits to worship.
Worshipping a god of Temuair has no impact on which Medenian Spirit you worship.

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