The Arena is a place where players can kill eachother without causing any permanent damage. Battles can vary from a honorable duel, to a balanced hosted match, to an all out war. You will need to play much differently in the arena than anywhere else in the game and find ways to use your classes abilities to their greatest potential.

Here are a few common tips and tricks that players often use to enhance their arena play.

Bashers must behave differently in arena to when they are hunting. During a hunt you would use abilities as you wish whenever they are off cooldown. In the arena bashers often use all their skills at once to try and deal the maximum possible damage in the shortest period of time.

Macro Programs
With bashers needing to press all of their skills at once and sometimes in a complex order programs are often required. The program will simply repeat a specified string of letters and numbers when the player presses a single key. One-hit wonders such as Assassin Strike are easy to press alone, but imagine trying to quickly type "D1`a1D1a7S1a7S2s14562a8s8S4D1" each time you want to try and kill somebody.

This is the art of surviving a killing blow by using the game's lazy programming to your advantage. It is performed by constantly casting a 0-line healing spell on yourself when you know you're about to die, If successful it will "ignore" the death, you will survive and the heal will be received.

Hatched Says: "How heal-outs really work - Skills are sent as packets that stack into a queue to not bog down the server. Healing out is the ability to send your 'heal' packet before someones combo packets are successfully stacked. A healout is easier to complete with a longer combo and will always be allowed as long as theres always a gap in the death packet and a skill or spell."

Pramh + Wolf Fang Fist
These abilities function the same way as they do outside of the arena. They are either used to double the damage of the next attack, to let an invincibility spell run out, or to simply remove a player from action for the duration. However, unlike in hunting grounds other players will try to remove sleep effects from their allies by using a weak skill or spell.

Double Kelb+
This requires a little coordination, and a decent amount of Health. Let's say for example you have 200,000 health (your Kelberoth strike deals approximately 60,000 damage.) If your opponent has 100,000 health, you are unable to kill them through dion. If your friend comes along who also has 200,000 health, you have 120,000 damage in combined kelberoth strikes, meaning you can kill this person even if they are invincible at the time. the amount of Kelbs you can use is limitless, but you have to act quick as your enemy may receive a heal or simply move out of the way.

Light Necklace
Until recently there was no easy way to take down somebody wearing a Dark Belt. With the introduction of the Light Necklace people now have to alternate belts and some even go to extreme measures to hide their defense element from their enemies. Since even low ability skills can deal massive damage now, this leveled the playing field for previously "weak" classes.

Just like outside of arena curses will make your enemies receive increased damage. However, cradhs are removable, so a Bard is often needed to apply the unremovable Dark Seals. people can prevent being afflicted with Dark Seal by casting a lesser cradh on themselves.

aite & fas
fas was once just as beneficial as aite in the arena, each effectively halving the damage received by your allies. With the introduction of the Light Necklace fas is now considered a negetive effect because it makes players take alot more damage. people can prevent being afflicted with regular, mor and ard fas by having beag fas cast on themselves.

More often than not, outnumbering your enemies is the easiest way to win. Adding more combos or casters to your team helps to remove theirs from the battle and tipping the scales even further.

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