Hosted Arena

Hosted Arena can be quite different to the regular arena. It is ran by an Arena Host and there are usually clear win conditions, organisation, and balance.
Since the addition of Balanced Hosted Arena the regular hosted arena is rarely used.
In Balanced Hosted Arena everybody is given the same health and Light Necklaces are not allowed.

There are several stages to a typical hosted match;


There will be a global message when a host attemps to host an arena match.
Players should make their way to the gauntlet and patiently wait.


Hosts will need at least 6 players to start but they will also need to be able to balance the teams
For example if there is one bard and 20 gladiators the host will wait for another bard or suggest a basher free-for-all


Once there are enough players the host will bring the combatants downstairs.
If there is not enough for a fair and balanced match the host may wish to wait longer or cancel.
The host will try their best to balance the teams. If you have any issues wait until everybody is placed as some placements may be temporary.

The Rules

In addition to the standard rules the host will tell you their personal rules.
This is usually to ban any overpowered abilities or to further help balance.
Common rules include; No fas, no prayer, no mspg, no throw-ins, no hof.


The host will let the players know when to start fighting.
They will then watch the game and enforce the rules.
Typically your team wins by killing all players on the other team.

More Balancing

If one team wins by a landslide the host may ajust the teams slightly.
If you have been in a team that won 3 times you should still get a win regardless of which team lost.

Win Conditions

The average match will play till one team reaches 3 wins but some may last longer.

Things to consider when balancing a team:

The Player:
Are they a good pvper?
Do they attend arena lots?
Do they have an absurd amount of wins?
Do they use a combo program?
Do they use their character's sub to it's potential?

Their Character:
Do they have up to date gear?
Do they have their plamit skills and spells?
Do they have high rank skills and spells?

Each team's total:
Casters with 0-line bc and heal
Casters with 1-line pramh
Wolf Fang Fists
Cheap Combos

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