Honor Field

Honor Field is an area where Warriors can may to the death, for honor!
You will need an opponent within 3 levels of you.

Once you are ready head to Abel Port.
Walk to (44,64) to reach the Coast then enter the Coast Bar at (7,29)

Say "Honor Field #" Aloud (Replace # with your level).
Click "Yes, and I have an opponent with me." and then type their name.
Your Opponent will be notified and they should click "Yes, I accept his challenge."
You will then be notified of their response and may click "Yes, I am ready to fight." to be teleported to the pit.

Click the Monitor and "Summon my competitor"
Walk over to the patch of grass (1,10) to summon your opponent.

You must now fight to the death.
Note: The person who dies first should not click Sgrios. The winner will revive you in a moment.
The winner must click the Monitor and "Summon my competitor" to revive the loser.

You will also receive 500,000 Experience and 50,000 Gold.
The loser will receive 100,000 Experience.

You can't fight the same person twice in a row.
After winning 5 Fights you are no longer able to start fights and are directed to Vidar in Abel Weapon shop for information about "Training Grounds", but the trail seems to end there.

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