Event-based Crafting

Title Description Rewards
Anaconda Earrings Craft Anaconda Earrings.
Enchanted Eostre's Belt Craft Encahanted Eostre's Belt.
Law Rings Craft Eternal Bloodfire and Raven's Tear Rings.


Title Description Rewards
Law's Fragment A Fragment of Law has risen. Put a stop to him and his followers. Click Here
Capture the Fowl Capture 21 fowls in 15 minutes and win a prize. Click Here


Title Description Rewards
A Lovely Evening Take your friend or partner on a picnic. "Went on a picnic with [name]"
Rose Bouquet Weapon Skin
5,000,000 Experience
50,000 Ability
Make a Wish Throw a coin in the well and make a greedy wish *

(Or wish for the Faerie's health **)
LN Raffle(x5) *
World Shout(x20) *
Gender Potion *
Double Exp-Ap Bonus(x5) *
Party Popper *

Pet Faerie & Valentine's Note **
Valentine's Gift Get 5 free hours of Double Experience & Ability. VDay Bonus Exp-Ap(x5)
Heart Puppet Collect the materials for a Heart Polyp. Purple Heart Polyp
Red Heart Polyp
Divine Love Ring Promise a Ring to a loved one. Divine Love Ring


Title Description Rewards
Insect Catching Tournament Catch a total of 200 insects in four different areas. Click Here
Lucky Clovers Pick Lucky Clovers from around the towns. "Found Lucky Clovers"
Lucky Clover
Locky's Charms Find Locky's hidden charms. "Found Locky's Charms"
Bowl of Locky's Charms
(+1,000 Health/+1,000 Mana)
100,000,000 Experience
90,000 Ability
Green Ale Help Franchesco gather the ingredients for his famous Green Ale. "Drank The Famous Green Ale"
Green Ale
5,500,000 Experience
?? Ability
Catch a Leprechaun Catch a leprechaun and receive a Lumen Amulet. "Event - Got Lumen Amulet from Leprechaun"
Lumen Amulet
Leprechaun Friend
1,000,000 Coins
5,000,000 Experience
Help Patrick
(Banished Snakes)
Help Patrick rid Lynith Beach Way of Snakes "Event - Banished Snakes from Lynith Beach Way - #"
Staff of Deliverance
Staff of Clarity
Staff of Eternity
Courageous Cobra Earrings
Vibrant Viper Earrings


Title Description Rewards
Redemption Part 2 of the Adoration event chain. "Adranuch's Redemption at Pravat"
"Matrika's Redemption at Mehadi"
"Arpina's Redemption at Astrid"
Mileth Floppy Field Defend Mileth from the Giant Floppy and her Floppys. "Defeated Giant Floppy - #"
Pet Chicks
Pet Enchanted Beast
Pet Golden Floppy
Pet Giant Floppy
Eostre's Light Belt
Antonio's Cluttered Bank Help Antonio free up some bank space by delivering some items back to their owners. "Helped Clean Bank - #"
Bank Space(x5)
Craft Enchanted Eostre Belt Upgrade your Eostre Belt with a Golden Egg Enchanted Eostre's Belt


Title Description Rewards
Adoration Part 3 of the Adoration event chain. "Adoration of Danaan (#)"
Capture the Fowl Capture 21 fowls in 15 minutes and win a prize. Click Here
Entreaty: Aftermath Slay Tainted Mundanes and the Visage of Cyril. "Freed cursed Mundanes in Abel - #"
Eldritch Cache
Dark College Uniform


Title Description Rewards
Insect Catching Tournament Catch a total of 200 insects in four different areas. Click Here


Title Description Rewards
Law's Fragment A Fragment of Law has risen. Put a stop to him and his followers. Click Here
Fireworks Francis puts on a firework display every 3 hours. He also sells fireworks for coins. Fireworks
Swimming Learn to swim in deep water.
(This is a pre-requisite for the events listed below)
Beach Attire Receive a free paradise outfit from Ruba. Male Beach Attire
Female Beach Attire
Sun Protection Receive some free sun protection items for the upcoming paradise event. Billed Cap
Sun Block Lotion
Sun Tan Lotion
Inflatable Polyps Ruba has a spare Polyp but it's deflated.
Perhaps you can find somebody to inflate it.
Male Inflatable Polyp
Female Inflatable Polyp
Safe Beach Help keep the Beach Safe by gathering up all the dangerous starfish. "Saved Paradise Beach"
Pet Blue Octopus
8,000,000 Experience
20,000 - 120,000 Ability
Golden Starfish Collect Golden Starfish from the Paradise islands. "Found a Golden Starfish"
Golden Starfish
Burried Treasure Chests Gather 4 friends and search for the treasure chests with a strange key mechanism. Grass Kilt
Grass Skirt
Male Bathing Garments
Female Bathing Garments
Hungry Dolphins All the Aisling activity has scared the fish away and now the dolphins are hungry. Leaf Band
Lei Band


Title Description Rewards
Lost at Sea Protect the flags from Starfish so that Egan's father can find his way home. "Helped Egan's Father Return Home"
Lethal Umbrella
2,500,000 Experience
255,000 Ability


Title Description Rewards
Insect Catching Tournament Catch a total of 200 insects in four different areas. Click Here
Horse of the Gods Lead horses back to their respective temples "Received a pet from the Gods"
A choice of pets
100,000,000 Experience
Temuairian Merchant's Guild Help Gilliam get his treasured coin collection back. "Collected Gillam's precious coins"

A choice of outfits
1,500,000 Experience
Oren Fairgrounds Play a selection of games and purchase ball outfits.  
King's Hunt The king demands various items. Some are harder to find than others. "[name]'s Hunt"
Loures Signet Ring
Polyp Puppet Eston is giving each person a Polyp Puppet.
One random Polyp Puppet


Title Description Rewards
Count & Countess Slay the Count & Countess of House Macabre. "Defeated the Count and Countess of Macabre"
Macabre Box
Count's Crawlers
Spooky Spectre Boots
Candy Treats Can you help out Frida in Abel Tavern? "Recovered Candy Treats - #"
(+1,000 Health and Mana)
LA Raffle(x5)
40x Rare Costume Raffle
Mech Invasion Surive in the Balanced arena and slay the mechs Volkain and Godzin. Double Bonus Exp-Ap
Skill/Spell Leveling Bonus
LN Raffle(x5)
2x LA Raffle
Zombie Apocalypse Kill the zombies wandering around Temuair and re-reanimate their bones. Skeleton Buddy
50,000,000 Experience
Beggar's Outfit Collect Pieces of Parchment for the beggar so he can craft you a mask. "Supported The Temuarian Beggar"
Parchment Mask
20,000,000 Experience
300,000 Ability
Pet Ghost Try your luck at receiving a pet ghost. Pet Ghost
The Horseman Slay the Headless Horseman and receive... His head? Pumpkin Head
The Red Moon Try not to look at the moon, It can have strange effects on Aislings. Random Monster Form
Mummy Attack The 1-98 Equivalent of Slaying the Count and Countess.
You will be killing Mummies and Golem instead.
Macabre Box
Zombie Slayer Attempt to reach round 15 in the Zombie Slayer event.
Zombies will attack in waves getting more powerful as you progress.
"Zombie Slayer Record: Round #, # zombies slayed"
Zombie Defender
55,000,000 Experience
Try to Scare me Attempt to scare Sennaan in Kasmanium Mines.
This event is usually broken.
Trick or Treat 2 Bag


Title Description Rewards
Ball Overcoat vendor Ertha can be found in Oren Island selling her Ball Overcoats. Overcoats
Eulogy Part 1 of the Adoration event chain. "Eulogy to Adranuch at Pravat"
"Eulogy to Matrika at Mehadi"
"Eulogy to Arpina at Astrid"
Yule Logs Chop down trees and deliver logs to the inns of Temuair. "Crafted Yule Logs for the Inns (#)"
3x Double Exp-Ap Bonus
5,500,000 Experience
Pig Chase Chase down and sit on pigs for the king's amusement. "Completed the # Annual Pig Chase Event"
Event Star Medal
Ability and Experience Gift 1
Ability and Experience Gift 2
Pig Hairpin
Skill/Spell Leveling Bonus
Great Experience Mushroom
Great Ability Rune
Pet Male Pig
Pet Female Pig
Pig Head
Pig Body
Oren Ball Cooking Throw ingredients together to create various dishes. Beef Sandwich
Filet Mignon
Fruit Basket
Oren Pie
Turkey Sandwich
Scavenger Hunt Collect all 5 Scavenger Items for a chance at random rewards. "Completed Oren Ball Scavenger Hunt"
Oren Wine
Ball Crown (Chance)
Ball Band (Chance)
Loures Signet Ring (Chance)
Oren Ball Hat &
Oren Ball Robe
Oren Ball Hair Tie &
Oren Ball Gown


Title Description Rewards
Insect Catching Tournament Catch a total of 200 insects in four different areas. Click Here
Frosty's Gift Get 5 free hours of Double Experience & Ability. Christmas Double Exp-Ap (x5)
LN Raffle(x5)
Lonely Santa "Can find and help him out?" "Acquired Lonely Santa's Satchel"
Santa Costume
Reach the North Pole Make your way to Mount Merry and find the North Pole  
Save Rudolph Return Rudolph to the pen before Santa finds out. Various Gifts;

Stolen Red Noses Return the stolen red noses to Elf.
Kill Penguins Kill 100 of the penguins for messing with the elves.
Lost Erbies Help Mother Erbie find her babies. Erbie Gift
Filthy Erbies Scare away the embarrasing Filthy Erbies. Mother Erbie Gift
The Battle for Mount Merry Defend Mount Merry by Defeating the Yeti. "Defended Mt. Merry and Defeated the Yeti - (#)"
Yeti's Stocking Stuffer

Other Events

Title Description Rewards
Insect Catching Tournament Catch a total of 200 insects in four different areas. "Completed Quaterly Insect Event - #"
Map of Royal Ant Guardian Tunnels
Map of Ant Guardian Tunnels
Potent Mantid Scent
Fungus Beetle Extract
Insect Cloak
Leafhopper Chirp
Monster Cloak
Beetle Juice (+1,000 Health and Mana)
2x Double Bonus Exp-Ap(x5)
Beetle Aid
2x Gender Potion
4x LN Raffle(x5)
4x LA Raffle(x5)
4x Random Gift Box 1
65,000,000 - 80,000,000 Experience
800,000 Ability
Arena Host Trinket Slay the creatures spawned by the Arena Hosts. Various Items
Capture the Fowl Capture 21 Fowls in a set amount of Time. "Completed Capture the Fowl Event - #"
2x LA Raffle(x5)
2x LN Raffle
Law's Fragment A Fragment of Law has risen. Put a stop to him and his followers. "Defeated Law's Fragment"
Double Bonus Exp-Ap
Greatest Experience Shroom
Greatest Ability Rune
Lumen Amulet
Water Dungeon Chest
Ability and Experience Gift 1
Arena Bosses Defeat the avatars of incompetence and ego to receive various rewards. Lumen Amulet Raffle
Arena Host Bag
Water Dungeon Chest
Andor Chest
Andor Queen Chest
Double Bonus Exp-Ap
Greatest Experience mushroom
Greatest Ability Rune
Skill/Spell Leveling Bonus
Staff of Clarity
Staff of Deliverance
Chadul Army Invasion Enter a training simulation designed to prepare Chadul's army for an invasion. "Defended Temuair from Chadul Army Invasion - #"
Chadul Relic
Chadul Prize Box
Double Experience and Ability The whole game receives double Experience and Ability from all sources for the duration of these events.  
Double Hosted Experience Players who attend Hosted Arena matches will receive double experience from both wins and losses for the duration of these events.  

One-Time Events

Title Date Description Rewards
Loures Invasion Deoch 44, Winter Goblins tried to invade Loures.
Players alive at the end of the assault were awarded a legend mark.
"Defender of Loures Invasion"
Reviving Erbie Species Deoch 48, Fall Reviving Erbie Species "Reviving Erbie Species"
Helped Design Suomi Inn Deoch 63 The citizens of Suomi decided they needed an Inn.
Players who helped design the inn were awarded a legend mark.
"Helped Design Suomi Inn"
Wished for Pudgy's Health Deoch 90 Spring Wished for Pudgy's Health "Wished for Pudgy's Health"
Helped Build Suomi Inn Deoch 63 Lots of lumber was required to build the Suomi inn.
Players who gathered lumber were awarded a legend mark.
"Helped Build Suomi Inn"
Balanced Arena Tester Deoch 109 Balanced Arena was new and required further testing.
Players who accumulated 20 marks were given an overcoat set.
"Balanced Arena Tester - #"
Dark Ages 20th Anniversary Deoch 165 Get some free gifts for the 20th Anniversary of Dark Ages. "Celebrated Dark Ages 20th Anniversary"
Fire Festival? Deoch ?? Receive a Red Envelope. Party Popper(x20)
Double Bonus Exp-Ap(x5)
LN Raffle(x5)
Pet Blaze
Dark Ages 25th Anniversary Deoch 200 Get some free gifts for the 25th Anniversary of Dark Ages. "Celebrated Deoch 200th Anniversary"

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