Aisling of Hy-brasyl

If you ever plan on converting experience into health or mana you will need an "Aisling of" legend mark.

Your first task will be to win the highest award on a contest piece.
You will also need 1 Hy-Brasyl Fragment.
You can get these from Unseelie Satyr in Cthonic Remains.

Once you have 1 Hy-Brasyl Fragment you will need to have it Polished.
This will require a Rogue and around 2 days of labor.

Once these two requirements are met you can set off to craft your armor.

As a Wizard, Priest or Rogue you will need to speak to Moire in Eastwoods 20-1 (Map of Eastwoods)
If you are a Warrior or a Monk you will need to speak to Torgny in Abel Crypt 10-2 (Map of Abel Crypt)

Click the name of your classes armor, "I shall attempt to smith it" and then "Hy-Brasyl".

Click "I am sure and want to suffer" to finish the crafting.

You will receive the Legend Mark: "Aisling of Hy-brasyl" and your 97 armor.
You will now also be able to Ascend and trade experience for health or mana.

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