Peasant Day

If you ever plan on converting experience into health or mana you will need an "Aisling of" legend mark.

Your first task will become a Respected Citizen or a Tagor Citizen.
You will also need 12x Talos Fragments, 12x Hy-brasyl Fragments and one of each element Hy-brasyl belt.
You can get these from the various areas listed below.

Once you have the 24 Gem Fragments you will need to have them Polished.
This will require a Rogue and around 6 loads of full labor.
Item Creature Location
Talos Fragment Dark Cleric
Cthonic Remains 16-30
Hy-brasyl Fragment Unseelie Satyr
Cthonic Remains 21-30
Fire Hy-brasyl Belt Goblin Guard
East Woodlands 15-1
Sea Hy-brasyl Belt Shrieker
East Woodlands 19-1
Earth Hy-brasyl Belt Hobgoblin
East Woodlands 18-1
Wind Hy-brasyl Belt Hobgoblin
East Woodlands 17-1
Once these two requirements are met you can set off to craft your belt.

Head to Mount Giragan 18-1 and speak to the Kobold hiding in the trees.
(Map of Mount Giragan)

When he asks you to keep the secret click "I'm listening" and he will offer to craft a belt for you.

It will cost 100,000,000 experience to craft the belt at 99.
Unlike the armor you are unable to do this quest at 97 or 98.

You will receive the Legend Mark: "Aisling of Talgonite" and a Hy-brasyl Crios Belt.
You will now also be able to Ascend and trade experience for health or mana.

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