Defeated Law & Discovered Lost Ruins

Note: This is a guide for the Quest. For a guide on reaching the Ability hunting area please click here.


Before you start each character will need 5 of each Giant Remain.
These can be hunted in Lost Ruins 4 or purchased from players.

Hide is extremely useful whilst doing this quest. I highly reccomend bringing a pure archer along.

Head to Lost Ruins and speak to Nairn at 44,31 (For future reference she will always be here)
She has had no luck finding the ruins that somebody has mentioned and asks for assistance.
Click "Sure" if you're interested in helping. She will mention some mystical stones nearby.

Lost Ruins 2

Head to LR2 and walk to 9,20. Walk around the stones until you receive a popup
Immediately close the popup to be safe. (If you read through it an Assassin will spawn.)

Return to Nairn and talk to her about the Assassin that was guarding the area.
She tells you to investigate another site and a second ruin.

Lost Ruins 3 & Assassin Dungeon

Head to LR3 and walk to 21,11. You will find another rubble formation. Walk around until you receive a popup.

Return to Nairn again to report your findings.
She asks for more detail about the rubble. She recalls 3 pillars being used in some sort of construction.
She asks you to go to the Assassin's Dungeon and look for anything that may help.

Head back to LR3 and walk to 48,49. Enter the Assassin's Dungeon
[If you are following this guide to reach the Assassin Dungeon please stop here]

Walk through the first and second maps to reach the third.
One group member summons the boss by walking up to the Tablet that Nairn mentioned.

The Chief Assassin will attack you.
He has Earth Defence. Dark Seal, fas and use Wind or Keeter to kill him.
Take a Healer, Flower, Speller, and a Tank in addition to Killers.
He attacks in a star pattern so have the tank position him away from your group.

Talk to Nairn again. It will confirm her belief of the existance of the tablet. She takes a look at your notes on the tablet and comes to the conclusion that the monsters are defending the ruins for a reason. She will ask you to investigate further.

Lost Ruins 4 & Preserved Vault

Head to LR4 and walk to 13,10. You will get a popup saying how similar the ruin is to the one on the tablet.
(If your group doesn't have 5 of each remain now is a good time to hunt them.)

Return to Nairn. She asks you to return and gather the remains of the giant monsters to help prove her new theory.
She will ask you to gather 5 of each.

Speak to her again to turn them in. She tells you that these monsters do not naturally exist in Medenia and that they are being brought here from an unknown region through the ruins. She asks you to look for another underground area similar to the Assassin's Dungeon within another site.

Head to LR4 and walk to 46,3. You will find the entrance to the Preserved Vault.
Walk infront of the tablets in the correct order (make sure all members get all of the popups)

Talk to Nairn again and she will put your notes in the correct order. She tells you it's a place of worship and asks if there was anything else about three columns that you noticed. you mention a place with dead grass nearby and she tells you to go investigate to see if there is still an intact altar somewhere amongst the ruins.

Lost Ruins 5 & Dung Field

Head to LR5 and walk to 8,20. You will receive a popup. You note down more scripture.

Talk to Nairn again and she will translate the scripture. She will explain the ritual and will cast a blessing on you. Make sure all the group has been hit with the blessing.

Head back to LR5 and have a group member stand on 9,16, 7,22, 12,22 and the another stand on the Altar.

You will be summoned into the Dung Field with the Dung Boss.
Keep it Cursed Tuned. Shock/Frost Arrow. Do not curse because ao sith will remove Cursed Tune and Frost Arrow.
Kill the Dung Guards with mpnd or Wind Attacks. Once Dung Boss is black HP mpnd and bash it also.

Talk to Nairn again and tell her of your trip to an alternate dimension. She will tell you that Law used a similar ritual to summon his army and that these ruins were the same ones he used during the war with the Dark Aislings.
She tells you to find the last altar and perform the ritual again. Go quickly because your efforts may be interupting an invasion of Medenia.

Lost Ruins 6 & Law

Head to LR6 and walk to 10,7. Have group members stand on the circles and the the last aisling stand on the the altar. (10,8, 12,11, 8,11 and 9,1)

You will be summoned into Lost Ruins 7 with Law.
Keep him Cursed Tuned. Shock/Frost Arrow. Do not curse because ao sith will remove Cursed Tune and Frost Arrow.
Be careful when you first enter as the group will be piled up. Make sure the healers move first.

Talk to Nairn again to tell her about your encounter with Law.


Each member will receive:
The Legend Mark: "Defeated Law & Discovered Lost Ruins - #"
1 - 3 random Hwarone Upgrade Plans
1,500,000 Experience, and 30,000 Ability.

You may do the quest again after one hour.

Law Shortcut

After completing the quest you may fight law once a day without having to do the quest chain.
Simply find a group of people who have also completed the quest at least one time and click "Law Shortcut". Be prepared to fight immediately.
You will receive 1-3 random Hwarone Upgrade Plans.

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