Assassin Dungeon

Note: This is a guide for the reaching the Ability hunting area. For a guide on the quest please click here.


You will likely need some form of hide. You can ask a Pure Archer to assist, or purchase hide in Andor lobby.

Head to Lost Ruins and speak to Nairn at 44,31 (For future reference she will always be here)
She has had no luck finding the ruins that somebody has mentioned and asks for assistance.
Click "Sure" if you're interested in helping. She will mention some mystical stones nearby.

Lost Ruins 2

Head to LR2 and walk to 9,20. Walk around the stones until you receive a popup
Immediately close the popup to be safe. (If you read through it an Assassin will spawn.)
You must not be hidden in order to get this popup.

Return to Nairn and talk to her about the Assassin that was guarding the area.
She tells you to investigate another site and a second ruin.

Lost Ruins 3 & Assassin Dungeon

Head to LR3 and walk to (21,11). You will find another rubble formation. Walk around until you receive a popup. If any wolves spawn don't panic, just wait a few seconds and they will despawn.
You will need hide to reach and return from this popup.

Return to Nairn again to report your findings.
She asks you to go to the Assassin's Dungeon and look for anything that may help.

Head back to LR3 and walk to 48,49. Enter the Assassin's Dungeon
You will need hide to reach the dungeon.

[If you are following this guide to reach the Assassin Dungeon please stop here]

Wait for your group to be ready before entering.

You may re-enter this area until you advance further through the quest.

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