Crazy Grandfather

Head to Hwarone City and enter the Inn at (23,45).
To enter Hwarone you will need to do the Hwarone Entrance Quest.

Speak to Magistrate at (16,4). He appears to have gone crazy.

Head to the front desk and speak to Cheung. Click "Crazy Grandfather". She suggests that Magistrate could have poisoned by a strange tea. When she asks for your help click "I'll do whatever you need." She will ask you to bring her some Black Sun Tea Leaves.

Leave the City and enter the Blossom Garden at (17,0).
Walk around until you find Black Sun Tea Leaves.

Return to Cheung and allow her to study the leaves.
You will receive 1,000 Ability.
Wait 30 Minutes.
Speak to Cheung again.
She will give you a note to deliver to the Alchemist, Sang.

Exit the Inn.
Head to Sang's Herbal Shop at (59,32) and speak to Sang.
She will ask you to bring her 5 Ginseng and 5 Golden Mushroom.

Golden Mushroom drop from Mushroom in Blossom Garden.
Ginseng drop from Brown Cactus in Desert Dunes.

Once you have 5 of each return to Sang and allow her to make an antidote.
Wait 10 Minutes.
Speak to Sang again. You will receive Antidote.

Return to the Inn and give the Antidote to Cheung.
You will receive a note. Take this to Magistrate.

You will receive a total of 61,000 Ability and 100,000 Coins.

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