Hwarone Entrance

To enter Hwarone you will first need to obtain a pass.

Head to Hwarone City and speak to Mank.

When he asks if you want to prove yourself click "I want to prove myself"
He will then ask you to kill 5 Blazes in exchange for a temporary pass.

Before proceeding you may need to find somebody to help.
If you are a basher you will need somebody to cradh and fas.
If you are a caster you will need somebody to tank and help weaken the creatures.

Exit Hwarone City at 98,48 to enter Fire Canyon 1.
Make your way east towards 98,79 and enter Fire Canyon 2.

Blazes are non-hostile so make sure to kill any stray Magma Cubes before engaging them.
Use a water necklace or water attacks and a fire belt when fighting them.
They will attempt to run away and spawn 2 Molten Cubes at low health try to use suain or paralyze.

Once you have killed 5 return to Mank and he will grant you a temporary pass to enter Hwarone.

Hwarone has a Bank, an Inn, an Armory, a combo scroll trainer, a bard notes trainer, and a law hall.

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