You may no longer need a person of your desired class to guide you but it is still always a good idea to find a knowledgable player to be your guide and mentor. As a new player any tips or information they may have could help you greatly. Your guide may also choose to buy you some basic equipment and show you where to find your ability trainers.

There are various Legend Marks and rewards for guiding or being guided.

Step 1: Guiding

Once you have found somebody willing to guide you have them walk with you to the hall of your chosen class within the Temple of Choosing. Talk to the Chief and select the "With a guide" option. Type their name and then give them a moment to accept the confirmation. After they have confirmed you will join their class.

Step 2: Advice and Protection

For the next step to be the most beneficial the guide will need to take a more active approach. If the guided player reaches level 11 without dying both parties will receive three spinel rings instead of just one.

Step 3: Completion

Once the guided player reaches level 11 both players need to return to the hall of your chosen class. This time the guide will speak to the Chief and select the "Guide" option. The guided will confirm this and the process will be completed. The guide will receive a special blue guided legend mark, and the guided will have their current mark upgraded.

Step 4: (Optional) Re-Guiding

Completing the guiding process will have removed the original oath legend mark and replaced it with a new one. If the guide repeats step 3 another 2 times you will be given the original mark back in addition to your new one.

For more information on the official mentoring process please check out the Mentoring page

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