Mentoring has always been a great way for the more experienced players to pass knowledge on to newer players.

Although the official mentoring system is not really used anymore, many players still mentor unofficially on a daily basis; This could include anything from linking them to an information site, giving them some starter gold, or simply letting them whisper or mail if they have any questions.

You will need to have mentored once in order to run for Respected Citizen, and if you wish to do the Aisling of Mythril quest you will need to have mentored 200 times. (It is common for players to mentor their own alternate characters or friends rather than using the outdated mentoring system.)

To mentor a student you will both need to head to the Mileth White Magic Master's Bookcase (2,1) or speak to Carlos at Rucesion Armor Shop. If you have the "Mentor" spell you can open the mentor menu anywhere.

The options given will allow you to accept a new student, leave a mentor, or if a double moon (1 week) has passed you may mentor and receive credit.

If the student did not die during this period you will receive 3 Emerald Rings.

Mentoring is repeatable every week.

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