Ability Hunting

Once you join your Medenian Class you will be able to raise your Ability level, gaining access to Better Armors, Weapons and Improved Skill & Spell Ranks.

Just like when you gain Experience, you may use an Ability & Exp Bonus to increase your Ability received from all Kills, Items & Quests. Although Ability & Exp Items and Events have became the most popular choices for ability 1-40, there are a variety of places you can hunt for ability points.

Here are some of the areas that grant ability, and the reccomended ability level to hunt them.

Area Reccomended Level Range
Muisir Training 1-35
Muisir Hunting Ground 1-95
Noam Plains 1+
Andor 3+
Fire Canyon 7+
Lost Ruins 10+
Aman Jungle (Frogs) 20+
Hostile Grounds 20+
Tavaly 20+
Crystal Caverns 40+
Yowien Territory 40+
Plamit 50+

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