Muisir Village Entrance Quest

Head to the centre of Undine and cross the bridge to reach Muisir entrance.
Approach the north wall (Y Coordinate = 2) and you will notice a tiny cave on the surface but you are unable to squeeze inside.

Head to Undine Wizard and mention "Tiny Cave" aloud.
He will tell you that he can temporarily shrink you but it will require 5 Undine Mushrooms.

Exit his building and search undine until you find 5 of the mushrooms.

Return to him and say "Tiny Cave" again.
You will receive 4 Shrinking Potion and a the Legend Mark: "Entered Muisir Village"

Head back to Muisir Entrance and Drink one of the Shrinking Potions before attempting to enter the cave again.

You will now be in Muisir Village. There is not much to see at the moment.

A single Mundane, Grady sits at (28,30). Speak to him to start the Muisir Training Grounds Quest

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