King's Scavenger Hunt

To do this event you will need to be at the Oren Fair
Speak to Eston and click "I will try"

He will then ask for 6 Items. Find each item and return to him.

The first item is always Mold.

The second and third items are creature parts;
Raw Honey
Bee's Sting
Scorpion's Sting
Kobold Skull
Goblin Skull
Raw Wax
Wolf's Teeth
Succubus's Hair
Finished Coral
White Bat's Wing

The fourth and fifth items are god or smithed items;
Holy Hermes
Magus Ares
Silver Earrings (any god)
Gold Earrings (?)
Mythril Gauntlet (any god)
Magma Boots (any god)
Grand Stilla
Finished Talos

The sixth item is usually a Dark Belt, sometimes a Dark Necklace or a Draco's Jaw

If he asks for an item I don't have listed please let me know!

You will receive a Regal Ring (Loures Signet Ring) and one of the following Legend Marks;
Jester Courtney's Hunt
Sir Thibault's Hunt
Lady Blanchfleur's Hunt
Councilor Jean's Hunt

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