Oren Fairgrounds

You can find the entrance to the fair on the World Map after leaving Rucesion docks.

When you first enter you will be required buy purchase a ticket in the lobby before you can enter the grounds.

Before entering the fairgrounds you should consider helping Gilliam with his Stolen coins.

There are various games that can be played at the fair but you will need to organise a group yourself.
(Most of the games will be boring and the winnings will be low due to a lack of interest.)

If you are looking to purchase Formal Overcoats cross over the bridges on the eastern wall of Oren Fair.
Once you are in Oren Fair I you can find Ertha at (15,53). Click here to see the list of overcoats for sale.

Eston is also offering a free polyp and version of the King's Scavenger Hunt at (60,57) in Oren Fair I

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