Ball outfit vendor

Ertha can be found selling her overcoats at (28,105) Oren Island during November, or at (15,53) Oren Fair 1 during Oren Fair.
All attire require level 11 and weigh 4.
All hats require level 11 and weigh 1.

Dyeable Formal Suit (350k)
Dyeable Formal Gown (350k)
Formal Surcoat
Formal Coat
Gold Polonaise
White Formal Gown
Blush Formal Gown
Violet Formal Gown
Blue Pinafore
Violet Pinafore
Red Pinafore
Green Pinafore
Yellow Pinafore
Maroon Polonaise
Green Polonaise
Blue Polonaise
violet Polonaise
Blue Vest Coat
Black Vest Coat
Green Vest Coat
Navy Vest Coat
Red Vest Coat
Red Formal Frock
Violet Formal Frock
Teal Pinafore
Purple Formal Uniform
Red Formal Uniform
Blue Formal Uniform
Formal Vest Coat
Silver Vest Coat
Pink Vest Coat
Black Pinafore
Silver Pinafore
Pink Pinafore

Dyeable Top Hat
Dyeable Coiffure
Yellow Sun Bonnet
Blue Sun Bonnet
Violet Sun Bonnet
Green Sun Bonnet
Red Sun Bonnet
Vest Cap
Red Vest Cap
Green Vest Cap
Blue Vest Cap
Teal Vest Cap
Hair Loops Hair Bonnet
Sapphire Band
Head Bloom
Stripe Band
Male Cavalier Hat
Female Cavalier Hat
Masquerade Hat
Masquerade Feather
Green Formal Band
Blue Formal Band
Red Formal Band
Black Vest Cap
Silver Vest Cap
Pink Vest Cap
Black Sun Bonnet
Silver Sun Bonnet
Pink Sun Bonnet

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