A Lovely Evening

Before starting you will need a partner for the quest. Their gender does not matter.
Y ou must be grouped with them and nobody else.

Head to the Glioca Temple in Mileth entrance and speak to Maeveen.
She will ask the name of your partnet before giving a list of items required for the picnic.

Purchase a Chicken and a Slice of Bread from a Bakery, and a Wine from a Tavern.

Return to Maeveen and speak to her again. She will tell you a location to go on your picnic.
Walk around inside until you receive a notificiation. Return to Maeveen to receive your reward.

Known picnic locations:
Druid Circle (Enchanted Gardens, Eastwoods)
Lover's Garden
North Lynith beach

You will receive: Rose Bouquet Weapon Skin, Experience, Ability and the Legend Mark: "Went on a picnic with [name]"

Thanks to Tantalus for their information on this event!

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