A Lovely Evening

Before starting this quest you will need a partner of either gender.
You must be grouped with them and nobody else.

Head to the Glioca Temple in Mileth entrance and speak to Maeveen.
Click "A Lovely Evening", "Yes" and then "We want Glioca's Blessing"
She will ask the name of your partner and ask them if they are ready.
Your partner must click "Yes".

She will give you a list of items required for the picnic;
1 Chicken from Mileth Bakery.
1 Slice of Bread from Tagor Bakery.
1 Wine from Abel Tavern.

Return to Maeveen and speak to her again.

She will suggest a location to visit for your picnic;
Druid Circle (Enchanted Gardens, Eastwoods)
Lover's Garden
North Lynith Beach 1

Walk around until you receive a notificiation and your picnic is consumed.
Return to Maeveen to receive your reward.

You will receive: Rose Bouquet Weapon Skin, 5,000,000 Experience, 50,000 Ability and the Legend Mark: "Went on a picnic with [name]"

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