To perform herbalism you will need the Herbal Lore skill.
Wizards Priests and Monks can learn this, but subpaths who still have the skill can still participate.

You will need a Cloth Glove in order to interact with the plants.
You will also need 1 Wine or 1 Raw Wax per interaction.

You can perform Herbalism with an assistant to increase your chances of success.
Creating remedies has a chance to grant the Legend Mark: " Herbalist (#)"

Here is a table of the various remedies you can create from the plants around Temuair, including any other information you will need whilst attempting to craft them;
Potion Name Maximum Stack Effect Item Required Plant Plant Habitat
Ancusa ceir
1 A belt with fire defense.
Also used for Flame Licked
Raw Wax
Undine Village
(Outer walls)
Betony deum
25 Casts beag naomh aite on self. Wine
Enchanted Garden
Fifleaf deum
25 Restores 400 health. Wine
Mileth Village
(Outside Bank)(56,70)

Abel Port
(Outside Bakery)(8,53)
Hemloch deum
25 Reduces health to 1. Wine
Suomi Village
Hydele deum
25 Restores full health. Wine
Enchanted Garden
Personaca deum
25 Removes poison effects. Wine
Enchanted Garden

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