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   1. Maxium raise of HP/MP given Base and Experience.
Ascension HP MP Calculation (Increase)
Base HP  
Total Experience  
 2. Experience needed for HP/MP given Base and Desired.
 3. How many stats can be raised given current Experience.
 4. The Experience nessasary for a given number of stats to raise.
 5. Experience needed to Master or Sub in your Class.
 6. Experience needed to Max Stats.
 7. Medenia Level Advancment Calculator.

Weight Calculator

Note: All results are rounded down.
Current Level?
Current Strength?
Total Weight Carryable:
Total Weight Equipable:

Ability Calculator

Current AB Level: Desired AB Level:
Ap per Hour: Hours per day:
Hours to reach goal:
Days to reach goal:
Total AP Boxed Needed:
AP Needed from Current:

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