Aman Tavern

At ability 40, 50 and 60 you are able to choose an Aman Jungle skill or spell from Vino. When you first learn the ability it will cost a Gold Bar.

If you need to swap the ability you learned for the other one you can return to the tavern and speak to Jovino. Swapping your ability is free but you must have learned one previously. Do not manually unlearn the unwanted ability as Jovino will want it back in exchange for the new one.

It is common for Gladiators to swap between Animal Roar and Lullaby Punch depending on what they are doing. And most Bards will want to swap Darker Seal for ard ioc comhla once they learn Demise. As Gladiators and Druids reach higher health they may want to swap Cyclone Kick or Raging Attack for Spinning Kelberoth Strike.

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