Talk to Mileth Mundanes

As a new Aisling there is pleanty to learn.
Some of the Mundanes around Mileth will grant you experience for listening to their Lectures.

Learning about Arms (Weapons, Armor, Clothing, Jewelry, Magic and Items Found) will grant a total of 1,250 Experience.

Learning about the Woods will grant 2,000 Experience.
Learning about Faerie Love will grant a total of 1,500 Experience.
A registered Wizard or priest may learn about Graymere.
A registered Priest may learn about Entreaties.

Learning about Fighter Training (Group, Tactics, And Weapons) will grant a total of 2,250 Experience.

If you are registered you may also speak to a temple attendant about the gods for some additional Experience.

Total Reward: 7,000 Experience.

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