Head to Asilon Town and speak to Jedas at 47,51.
He will tell you about the Lorais that are plaguing the town for an unknown reason.
When he asks if you will help click "Yes, I'll Try"

Make sure you have an Empty Bottle. You can purchase one at Asilon Store (12,50) for 1,000 Gold.

Head East to the Cotton Field (70,60) and kill a Lorai.

Search the cotton field until you find a popup about a strange green liquid with powder in it.
Press next to collect a sample in your Empty Bottle.

Return to Jedas to tell him about your discovery. He agrees it is some sort of potion but isn't entirely sure.

Head to Noam and speak to Kabok at 45,62.
He says he will look into it further but tells you that you will need to exterminate all the Lorais that have fed from the Dioram.

You now need to kill every Lorai in the town.
(They originate at the cotton field but are capable of wandering anywhere so you may need to look around.)

Keep checking back with Jedas to see if you have completed the task.

You will receive the Legend Mark: "Killed Lorais #" and some Ability.
(You will receive 1,000 Ability the first time. The reward halves each time you complete the quest)

This Quest can be repeated 5 times.

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