Defeated the Octopus of Karlopos

Before you start you will need to find at least two other players. A full group is not necessary but a Monk is mandatory.
I recommend bringing some form of Priest and stocking up on reds before starting.

Head to Oren Island Magic Shop at (33,125) Oren Island City. Say "Mireh" aloud to Reto.
When he asks if you're interested in helping click "Alright, what can I do?".
He will ask you to bring 4 Liver in exchange for information.

Coral Pendants & Earth Gems

Head out of Oren Island and access Karlopos from the World Map.
Head deeper into Karlopos until you start to find Octopus.
Kill them until you have 4 Livers for each group member.

When you reach your target number of Livers head back to Reto and say "Livers" aloud.
He will trade the Livers for a Red Pearl and information on where to find Brato.

Walk around Karlopos until you find a popup. I found mine at the North corner of 3C.
Note: Be very careful. The popup can close itsself if your character moves.
You will be teleported into a room with Brato. Click him and listen to his story.
He will give you a Coral Pendant before teleporting you back out.

In addition to a Coral Pendant you will also need an Earth Gem from the Earth Spirit of Medenia.

You can find the Earth Spirit at the east corner of Noam Village.
To get an Earth Gem say "Hello", "Earth Gem", "Yes", "King Octopus" aloud near Earth Spirit.
You will need 1 Earth Gem for each group member.

The Rocks & the Trap Room

With the Pendants and Gems in hand head to 4C and you will immediately notice a large rock formation.
Click here for a Map of where to stand.

Each class must stand in their correct spot. The Monk needs to take their position LAST.
The Monk will get a series of popups. As they click "Next" it will teleport group members into the trap room.

Form a line and take it slow. If somebody skulls make sure to red them before continuing up the path.
The traps are in rows from left to right so be careful not to walk along a line of traps.
There are monsters in the trap room so give your Priest time to regenerate mana when needed.
When you reach the end enter the next room and let your group's Health and Mana regenerate.

The Gauntlet & the King Octopus

You will now be faced with a series of rooms containing the creatures from Karlopos. Simply kill them and advance.

After you have passed the last room you will find a set of gates. Just like in the previous section you will need to take positions based on your class. From left to right the order is: Warrior, Rogue, Wizard, Priest, and lastly the Monk.

Once inside the boss room try to surround the boss and have the Monk bash him.
King Octopus doesn't attack and will just try to run away whilst casting poison spells.
He has elemental defense so use curse, fas and dark attacks.

When King Octopus dies you will be teleported to New Coast Back Yard where you can speak to Mireh.
Click him to listen to his story and he will take your Coral Pendant and Earth Gem before giving you your reward and teleporting you back out.


You will receive a Sea Coral Necklace, 5,000,000 Experience, and the Legend Mark: "Defeated Octopus of Karlopos"

Map of Karlopos

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