Before starting this quest make sure you have 2 Hemloch in your inventory.
Hemloch can be purchased in Medenia, or created with Herbalism.

Head to East Woodlands, make your way to East Woodlands 16-1 and enter the Hut at (12,12).
(Map of East Woodlands)

Speak to Baki.
Click "I am the hunter of the land". He will tell you what he knows about the true hunter of the land and where to go next;

You do not look like the hunter of the land. Carnun, the Horned One, is the hunter of the land. It is deep in the woodlands, in the seventeenth area. Go (North/South) of the long road. There is a tree with Hydele growing below it. Explore south of the strong tree. It is the glade where battles celebrate his fight. Legend has it Carnun battled there. Brave champions go to it to praise Carnun. A brave champion drank the dark plant until he was near death. He entered a dream. In it was a black cauldron. In the black cauldron he saw his adversary. He slew his adversary and returned to the cauldron. From the cauldron he withdrew the Horned Armor.

Note: Clicking the other options will cause him to ignore you for 24 hours.

You will be instructed to head to East Woodlands 17-1 and find the tree that Baki mentioned.
South = (47,48), North = (6,7)
You will get a notification saying "You notice what looks like the glade of Carnun."

Before proceeding make sure there are no monsters nearby.
Drink a Hemloch and then move off the glade and back onto it. You will enter the dream.

Inside the dream approach the Cauldron. You will have a vision of a creature and a location. Take note of both. (Mine was a Faerie in the twentieth map).
Click "Wake" to leave the dream. You will be teleported to your home.

You must then kill this creature within 1 hour and return to the Glade using the same method as before.

Approach the Cauldron again and click "I dedicate my life's work to Carnun" and then "Wake".

You will receive a Carnun Helm, a Carnun Plate, 3,000,000 Experience and the Legend Mark: "Dreamed of Carnun's Trial".

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