Priest Plan: Status

DISCLAIMER: The build for this list utilizes Int and Dex necklaces which are extremely rare and hard to find.
Consider spending 2 of your 8 leftover points.

Mor Cradh (Status) Route:
Stats: 5 83 76 23 16

Stat Items, God Sets:
creag neart
Intelligence Necklace
Dexterity Necklace
Sparkles/Loures Signets set
Great Emerald Sword
Orc Helmet
Dwarvish Helmet
Glioca Set
Ceannlaidir Set
Luathas Set
Cail Set
Grim Boots
Shion/Star Boots
Peace Boots
Silk Boots
Hy-brasyl Belt
Cursed Belt

Uncut Beryl: 89
Uncut Ruby: 46
Finished Beryl: 14
Finished Ruby: 7
Coral Earrings: 14
Beryl Earrings: 9

Gathered Reagents:
Spider's Eye: 1
Centipede's Gland: 2
Scorpion's Sting: 1
Bat's Wing: 1
Viper's Gland: 1
Bee's Sting: 1
Wolf's Fur: 2
Wolf's Lock: 1
Wolf's Skin: 1
Raw Wax: 2
Raw Honey: 4
Royal Wax: 3
beothaich deum: 7
Cherry: 1
Wine: 1

Complicated Spells:
(Note: All spells/skills use Stat Rings)
deireas faileas: Cail Set + Dwarvish Helmet + Shion/Star Boots + Hy-brasyl Belt
mor dion: Luathas Set + Intelligence Necklace + Peace Boots + Great Emerald Sword
dall: Fiosachd Set + Dexterity Necklace + Cursed Belt + Silk Boots
suain: Ceannlaidir Set + Orc Helmet + Cursed Belt + Grim Boots + creag neart
puinsein: Cail Set + Ceannlaidir Gold Earrings/creag neart + Silk Boots + Hy-brasyl Belt
mor cradh: Glioca Set + Hy-brasyl Belt + Peace Boots + Great Emerald Sword

Remaining Spells:
Religious Prayer + Priesthood (If this interests you)
spion beathaich
mor breisleich
beag ioc fein
ard ioc
mor ioc comlha: Luathas Corals
ard ioc
ao beag cradh
ao cradh
ao mor cradh
ao ard cradh
ao dall
ao puinsein
ao suain
armachd fein
mor beannaich
fas derieas
creag neart
ard naomh aite: Ceannlaidir Gold Earrings/creag neart + Grim Boots/creag neart
pramh: Silk Boots
beag cradh

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Perish Lore
Herbal Lore
Potion Lore
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