Mileth Floppy Field

There have been rumors that a Giant Floppy has been sighted on the outskirts of Mileth.
Head to the crypt at 95,55 and you will see the entrance to the Floppy Field.

Be careful when entering as this is a hostile area.

Unless there is already a group inside you will likely be swarmed a soon as you enter the field.
The Floppys are hostile and will attack until they kill or are killed.
The Mother is passive and won't engage you until you attack her.

Creature Item Drops Attributes Creature Level

None Offensive: Dark
Defensive: Dark

Giant Floppy
None Offensive: Dark
Defensive: Dark

When the Giant Floppy dies the entire map receives the following; 2,000,000 Experience, 50,000 Ability and the stacking Legend Mark: "Defeated Giant floppy - #". You may also receive a Mysterious Egg that can be traded for Pets. (Around 10-20% chance)

There is also a tiny chance (less than 1%) to receive pet ducklings and an additional 2,000,000 Experience and 15,000 Ability.

The group that deals the killing blow on the mother will also receive 60,000 Ability.

The Floppys give 4,800 Ability each.

Mysterious Eggs

Once you have 15 Mysterious Eggs you can take them to Areini in Tagor Pet Store at 17,45.

Say "I found a mysterious egg" and she will tell you about her collection. Click "Sure" to agree to help her.
Say "I found a mysterious egg" again and she will exchange the first 15 eggs for a Pet Kit.
If you collect another 20 say "I found a mysterious egg" a final time and she will give you a Pet Fenix.

You will also receive the Legend Marks: "Received Pet Kit from Areini" and "Received Pet Fenix from Areini"

For more information on the Giant Floppy encounter check out the Boss Tactics Page.

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