Capture the Fowls

Head to Pravat South Entrance and speak to Celeste at 49,22.

Click "Capture the Fowl" if you want to hear more about the event.
Otherwise click "Enter Balanced Arena" when you are ready.

You will need to kill 21 Fowls within 15 minutes. The timer starts when you kill the first fowl and resets your kills to 0 after 15 minutes if you don't kill the required amount and complete the quest.

Once you have 21 or more leave balanced arena and click "Capture the Fowl Prize"
If you lose count you can leave the balanced arena and click "Fowl Count" to check.

You will receive 2 LN Raffles, 1 LA Raffle(x5), 6,000,000 Experience, Some ability and the Legend Mark: "Completed Capture the Fowl Event - #"

Ability received is based on your current Ability level.

1-10: 25,000
11-20: 100,000
21-30: 150,000
31-40: 200,000
41-50: 250,000
51-80: 300,000

This Event can be repeated every 2 hours.

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