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Other Resources
Novus ImperiaCensus data, law archives, game clients and more.
Novus Imperia CollegeUpdated Mileth College guide with archived works.
Loures LibraryAn archive of art and lore created by the players
WanderlustA database of Darkages information. Has detailed drop chances and loctions
DA-WizardA little outdated. Has decent maps.
DA-Items An archive of DA-items. Has drop chances and loctions
Dark Ages UnofficialA discord channel for darkages related things.
The Aisling Fashion and Beauty ShowroomAn online dress-up tool where you can try on any armor or accessory.
Dylan's SiteDocuments on his various adventures.
General Knowledge
Ability HuntingKill monsters to increase your ability points.
AdorationsComplete a quest once a year gain +2 to all your stats.
Aman Jungle TavernLearn or swap your AB 40, 50 and 60 abilities.
Ancient Baem ArmorsCraft your AB 95 Armor and Helmet.
Andor Queen DirectionsAn old way of navigating through Andor.
AP & Exp BonusesItems you can use to increase the amount of Ability and Experience gained.
AP & Exp BoxesItems you cn use to instantly grant Ability and Experience.
ArenaArena player vs player terminology.
Armor ClassInformation on how the armor class stat works.
AscendingTrade your experience points for Health or Mana.
Beothaich DeumPlaces to obtain Red Potions and Komadiums.
Black MarketItems for sale in the Rogue-only market.
Blue PowderHow to make Blue Powder and the material required.
Boss TacticsTips and tricks on defeating the various bosses of Temuair and Medenia.
BotanyThe effects of flowers found around Temuair and Medenia.
Buying StatsTrade your Health for stat points, up to a max.
CalculatorsCalculators for Experience, Stats, Ability, Weight.
Chat CommandsChat commands for interacting with Mundanes.
Chest ListInformation, cooldown and contents of Chests.
CitizenshipThe different citizenships and how to join them.
Color CodesMake your words appear in different colors.
Conix StonesWhere and how to obtain conix stones.
ConsumablesConsumable items and their effects; food, flowers, skin dyes, face shapes, hair dyes.
ContestsThe contest process through creation, submission, and award.
Crafted ArmorsWhere to craft 1-99 armors and the requirements.
Crafted ItemsAn index of crafted items; gem smithing, herbalism, hwarone armory, religion, dugons, 1-99 armors, and ancient baem armors.
Crafted DugonsThe items required to craft monk Dugons.
DojoAn area to improve your skills and spells.
Druid FormsThe pros and cons of the three druid forms.
EducationHow to attend classes and recieve educated marks.
ElementsThe elements of Temuair and Medenia, and their strengths and weaknesses.
ElementalismGathering elements and storing them in potion form.
EnchantingEnchanting basic items to have more hit, dmg, health or mana.
EmotesExpress your feelings with emotion bubbles.
Exp HuntingPlaces to hunt experience to increase your level.
FishingBuy fishing supplies, fish, then sell your fish.
Gem PolishingImprove the grade of beryl, coral, ruby, talos and hy-brasyl gems.
Gem SmithingTurn polished gems into rings.
Glading & MarriageGlade and Marry your partner, granting matching legend marks.
Gold FarmingEarning gold through monster kills, items and servies.
GuidanceThe process of guiding a new aisling of the same class.
Guild CastlesAttacking and defending a guild castle. (Player vs Player)
GuildsAn interactive list of guilds.
Hairstyling & HairstylesChange the color and style of your hair.
HerbalismWhere to find the herbs and how to create potions.
Hunting TacticsDifferent hunting strategies and approximate experience rates.
HigglingItems that Rogues can acquire from banks for a small fee.
Honor FieldAn area where Warriors can fight to the death for Honor and a legend mark.
Hosted ArenaBalanced team-based Arena games organised by appointed arena hosts. (PvP)
Hwarone ArmoryItems that can be crafted at Hwarone armory and their required materials.
Hwarone TrinketsTrinkets obtained throughout Hwarone and their requirements.
Identifying Item PropertiesHow identifying items works and some examples.
Kruna ShopHow to top up and spend Kruna, the micro transaction currency of Darkages.
LaborYour daily "time allowance" to use on professions such as gem polishing.
The rules of each town that you must follow.
Learn Skill / SpellThe skills and spells you can learn from the Kruna shop.
Learning SpellHow to learn and use "Learning Spell".
LockpickingOpening the chests in Mileth Crypt as a Rogue.
Loures Sewer CanalsA map of the Loures Sewer Canal mini dungeon.
Legendary AislingHow to obtain your Legendary Overcoat and Legendary Shine.
Light NecklaceHow to obtain a necklace with the Light offense property.
Lynith BeachLocations for finding beach garments and the Giant Pearl.
MacroingUsing a program to repeat simple tasks.
Medenian ChestsHunting Keys and opening chests for Kanna Metal Necklaces.
Medenian FerryThe boat to Medenia and the times it leaves.
MentoringThe week-long process of mentoring another player.
Monk MeditationsThe Sapphire stream meditation cheat sheet.
Monk FormsThe four monk forms and their abilities.
Monster DropsA database of monsters and their drops.
MountsDifferent forms you can use.
Mspg BreakpointsThe damage mor strioch pian gar does to various debuffs.
Necklace VariantsThe variants of the strange ciad, tiota, treas, coigeamh and ceathramh necklaces.
NecromancySummoning temporary undead minions from monster parts
New Player GuideSteps to follow at the beginning of your journey.
Player Stats DatabaseA database of players and their stats, equipment, guild.
Priest Plan - LumenA guide to learning priest skills & spells with the Lumen Amulet, by farnk
Priest Plan - StatusA guide to learning the "status" priest skills & spells, by farnk
PoliticsThe steps required to take office in town politics.
ProfessionsA table of professions and which classes may practice them.
RegisteringThe benefits of registering your character. (paid subscription).
Religious Ranks of TemuairJoining and advancement within a religion.
Religions of TemuairInformation on the gods of Temuair.
Religions of MedeniaInformation on the gods of Medenia.
Sapphire StreamThe sabonim/hubae system and the meditation process.
Shinewood FaerieThe location of the shinewood fairy and the spells she teaches.
Shopping listsLists of items to purchase to learn all your skills & spells.
Skin ColorsA table of the different skin colors available.
Smokey SpheresHow to make Smokey Spheres
Soori SmithingImprove the grade of daggers and secrets.
Stat PanelThe user interface and what everything means.
StoryThe history of the Darkages world.
Subbing ProcessA guide to changing your class after reaching level 99.
Summoned PetsCommands used to control your pet and a list of pets.
Tailoring & DyeingWhere and how to tailor and dye armors.
TentaclesPlaces to obtain Tentacles.
Terms & AbbreviationsDarkages terms and their real life meanings.
TimesDarkages times and how they convert to real life.
Town Ranks and DutiesTitles, positions, their uniforms and their powers.
Treasure BoxesA database of treasure boxes and their contents.
Weapon SmithingImprove the grade of one-handed weapons.
Two-handed Weapon SmithingImprove the grade of two-handed weapons.
Unobtainable ItemsA list of unobtainable items and their estimated quantities.
VendorsA list of vendors and everything they buy and sell, by Jabe.
Warrior Training GroundsHow to join and use the Warrior Training Grounds.
Water DungeonA guide to completing the Water Dungeon.
Weapon SkinsA table of items that change your weapons visual appearance.
Wizardry ResearchA table of items that Wizards may research.
Yowien Territory VendorA list of items that Jowell Sells.
Things to not care about;
Dumb adventure: Solo Ability levelingA solo ability hunting experiment.
Plumbus: Baron essayRebuilding society, problems, solutions, and helping new aislings.
Vorlof: LichAn entry for the Calavera event.
Darkages ArtMy MS Paint abominations
ID Lists
Animation ListMostly finished.
Map List(Mostly finished. Missing some inaccessable ones)
(Alternate View)
NPC List(Mostly finished. Missing some inaccessable ones)
Spawn List(Temuair 99%. Medenia 80%.)
Skill / Spell Icons(Mostly finished)
Sprite ID List(Mostly finished)
Sound List(Terrible)
Appearance IDs
(May have errors)
Search Display
Search Weapons
Search Shields
Search Helmets
Search Armors
Search Boots
Search Accessories


Download Hair Combo A combo program for Bashers.
It will repeat predefined keystrokes with a single keypress.
Download Sleephunter4 A program for improving skills and spells.
It automatically pauses when your map changes to help avoid accidental dojo jails.
Written by SiLo.
Download Updated Versions.xml An updated versions.xml file for sleephunter.
It may fix a sleephunter problem
Download Multi Instance A modified Darkages.exe client
It will allow you to run as many darkages as you like.
Download Echo A window management application
It will allow you to resize and organise your many Darkages windows.
Written by Sichi

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